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What NOT to do on Instagram

Navigating Instagram can feel like a daunting task, especially with so much contradictory advice out there. With numerous myths and misconceptions floating around, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. But we're here to help. In this article, we're diving deep into some of the most widespread Instagram myths, setting the record straight, and providing you with reliable facts.

Emma Smallwood
February 23, 2023
6 min
6 Instagram Myths You Need To Stop Believing: What NOT to do on Instagram

There's a lot of opinions on what you should and shouldn't be doing on Instagram, and it doesn’t take long for the mass of information to get confusing and overwhelming, especially with so many rumors floating around…

But don't worry, we've got you covered! We're taking a deep dive into some of the most common Instagram myths and misconceptions that have been circulating the web. We're setting the record straight and giving you the facts so you can use the platform to its full potential. So, let's get started and put these myths to bed once and for all

Myth #1: There is only one Instagram algorithm.
Many Instagram users believe that the platform has only one algorithm that determines what content appears on users’ feeds. In reality, there are multiple algorithms in place, each designed to work with a specific feature of the platform. For example, there are separate algorithms for Instagram Stories, Reels, and the Explore page. Each algorithm operates in a unique way to provide users with a personalized experience. Therefore, instead of obsessing over the algorithm, focus on creating good content for each feature.

Myth #2: Instagram favors business profiles.
Some users believe that Instagram favors business profiles over personal or creator accounts. However, Instagram has confirmed that all types of accounts are treated equally, and the platform’s algorithms do not differentiate between them. This means that whether you have a personal, creator, or business account, it will not impact how Instagram ranks your content.

Myth #3: You can only specialize in one niche to grow on Instagram.
While it’s important to have at least one niche to grow on Instagram, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. However, it’s important to ensure that any additional niches you choose are related to your main niche. For example, you could create content around beauty and fashion, as these two niches naturally complement each other. On the other hand, vegan recipes and tattoos don’t necessarily have any natural overlap.

Myth #4: Paid partnership tags will reduce reach and engagement.
Some creators are hesitant to use the Paid Partnership tag, believing that it will negatively impact their reach and engagement. However, there is no evidence to suggest that using the tag will hurt your post’s organic reach or engagement. In fact, it’s always best to be transparent with your audience and disclose all paid partnerships on the platform.

Myth #5: You can't earn money as a creator until you have a huge following.
Many people believe that you need a large following to start earning money as an Instagram creator. However, this is not necessarily the case. While having a large following can certainly help, there are many ways to monetize your content on Instagram even if you have a smaller audience. If you have a loyal following, start exploring paid opportunities now!

Myth #6: Using a third-party scheduling tool will decrease your reach.
Some creators worry that using a third-party tool to schedule their posts will negatively impact their reach. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is true. In fact, using a scheduling tool can be a great way to save time and energy that you can then allocate towards other important tasks.

There really is an endless amount of myths about Instagram that simply aren’t true. The real way to win on Instagram is to focus on creating great content that you enjoy producing… Then, you can maximize your success on the platform.

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