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Creators Take Over the Super Bowl

How social media's biggest icons became the faces of Super Bowl Sunday.

Molly Rees
February 13, 2023
3 min
Creators Takeover the Super Bowl

While the Super Bowl has always been known as a star-studded event with celebrity-filled commercials, things have started to change, with brands increasingly turning to creators and social media for their Big Game plans.

“We’re probably 12 to 24 months away from the biggest TikTokers being the face of Super Bowl ads.” 
Harry Hugo, co-founder of Goat

NFL X MrBeast

The YouTuber made a surprise appearance in a Super Bowl commercial for the NFL promoting women in football. The cameo came after a last minute announcement from MrBeast that he would be appearing in a commercial that night. Where the NFL might have traditionally opted for a mainstream celebrity to appear in their campaign, they clearly recognized the power of MrBeast's huge 133 million subscriber audience, something that more and more brands are beginning to recognize.

Doritos X Tay Bloomer

The TikTok creator gave his viewers the chance to appear in Doritos' Super Bowl commercial with the #DoritosTriangleTryout dance challenge, a hybrid approach of both TikTok marketing and a traditional TV commercial. Tay created a Doritos-inspired “triangle-inspired dance” and invited fans to recreate it in their own videos. His sponsored video has generated 16.8 million views, while videos using the hashtag have accumulated a whopping 13 billion views.

@vibin.wit.tay #Doritos_Partner Want the chance to appear in @Doritos Super Bowl ad this year?! Share this dance using #DoritosTriangleTryout #Entry and follow @doritos ♬ original sound - Tay

NFL X Emmanuel Deverneau

TikTok's 'dancing chef' linked up with the NFL to cook players' favorite meals. While the NFL tapped MrBeast for their TV commercial, they didn't miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with smaller creators across TikTok for a hybrid approach.

@emmanuelduverneau The @nfl asked me to make Miles Sanders’ favorite meal. So I Did. Good luck today! #TikTokTailgate #SuperBowl @tiktok ♬ original sound - Emmanuel Duverneau

Pringles X Brookie & Jessie

Another brand combining both a traditional TV ad with a TikTok campaign, Pringles' commercial features Meghan Trainor getting her hand stuck in the infamous tube container, and they took this theme into their TikTok campaign, encouraging users to create videos of relatable moments of the same. They also enlisted Genflow creators Brookie & Jessie to start a TikTok dance challenge based on the famous Pringles tube container. Videos using Pringles' #StuckInPringles hashtag have accumulated 56.7 million views on TikTok.

State Farm x Khaby Lame

Forgoing a traditional ad spot in favor of a TikTok-based campaign, State Farm tapped the most followed TikToker in the world to give his followers a chance to appear in one of his videos with the #StateFarmStadiumChallenge. The challenge requires viewers to guess how many times State Farm Stadium will be mentioned during the FOX Super Bowl broadcast, and can enter by commenting on Lame's video. The TikTok video has already accumulated 220 million views, and the challenge hashtag has racked up 317.3 million views.

@khaby.lame Win a chance to be in a TikTok with me! All you have to do is 1) guess how many times "State Farm Stadium" could be mentioned during the Big Game in the comments below and 2) follow @jakefromstatefarm to find out who wins! #statefarmstadiumchallenge Rules: #Ad ♬ original sound - Khabane lame


Creators KSI and Logan Paul's drinks brand is the first ever creator-led business to have a coveted (and costly) Super Bowl TV commercial, proving more than ever that creators aren't just confined to social media, and have the power to take the place of traditional media and celebrity.

Creators are changing how brands approach marketing and celebrity, skipping TV commercials altogether for creator-focused social media campaigns, or bringing creators to traditional media, taking the place of the traditional celebrity.

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