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Boost Your Productivity With These AI Tools

Let’s look at how AI is transforming the way content is created, distributed, and consumed... And what this means for creators.

Emma Smallwood
March 16, 2023
8 min
Boost Your Productivity With These AI Tools

As the world continues to become more digitized, it's important for creators to keep their competitive edge strong by understanding the changes and developments throughout the creator economy. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a growing role in the content creation economy and can be a powerful tool for creators to enhance their work and increase their overall success. 

Here are some tools you can use as a creator to revolutionize how you create content:

Future Tools

Future Toolsis a website that can help you find the AI tool you need, no matter what your specific requirements are. Alongside a wide range of links to AI tools, it also has some great search and sorting functions to help you find exactly what you need. Anyone can submit an AI tool to be featured on the website if it meets their criteria, making it a great resource for creators looking for new ideas on how to utilize AI.


This platform is currently holding the crown for the most popular AI right now… ChatGPT is an AI tool that you can ask questions to and it will give you answers. It can even code, write content, and be used to give marketers an advantage over their competitors in a number of ways. With the ability to generate complete articles based on a title, this tool is a must-have for content creators.


AIPRM is a plugin for ChatGPT that is going to make using ChatGPT much easier. AIPRM has a number of set prompts you can use to get exactly what you need from ChatGPT. With its simple thumbs-up/down voting system, you can sort prompts by upvotes to make sure you are getting the best available. This tool is great for creators who need help with SEO or generating title ideas.


Only.coms is an AI-powered domain name generator. All you have to do is describe your project, and it will find available .com domain names for you, some of which can also double as the official business name. With its random idea button, you can even generate random business/website ideas that you can then find available domains for. This tool is perfect for creators who have trouble thinking of company names and domain names.


Munch is an AI tool that helps you repurpose your content. It will extract the most engaging and contextual clips from your long-form content and turn them into short-form content for almost any social media platform. With its ability to generate subtitles for any content it creates, this tool is perfect for video editors who want to save time and streamline their work processes.

These five AI tools are just a few examples of the many ways in which AI is changing the game for creators. With the ability to automate repetitive tasks, generate new ideas, and improve the quality of your work, AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for anyone looking to succeed in their industry. So why not give these tools a try and see how they can help you take your work to the next level?