We partner with established influencers and entrepreneurs to help them create, launch and run their own brands.

Whether it’s creating content, building websites or manufacturing products - we do everything for you.

Our clients

We are not an agency. We work alongside influencers, agencies and management companies to help influencers and entrepreneurs launch their own brand of products.

What we did?

  • Video content creation
  • Developed members area
  • Launch and marketing strategy

Jessica Olie




What we did?

  • Designed a custom range of products
  • Manufactured clothing, yoga mat, straps and blocks
  • 4 sold out collections to date
  • Created an ethical and sustainable brand

What we did?

  • Produced 6 digital fitness guides
  • Manufactured a range of women’s fitness accessories
  • Manufactured market leading resistance bands
  • More than 100,000 products sold

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What we do

We partner with influencers to help them build their own business and sell products to their audience. We love to work with established influencers who already have built their following, made money working with brands, done some free travelling and now want to focus on building their long term future by setting up their own business.

We work closely with our clients to determine what products will sell the best for them according to their audience and analytics. We become your team of business managers who are here to help you every step of the way, managing everything from product design, manufacturing, shipping, fulfilment, marketing, ads and the overall launch and strategy of the business.

We have helped our clients sell thousands of products worldwide, achieve millions (£) in sales, and utimately build a long-lasting profitable business.

Start your own business

GENFLOW is a 360 service which means we do everything you need to start your own business. All our services are completed in-house by our own team whether it's filming a marketing campaign, designing your own clothing line or sending custom made packages to customers.

Everything is completely white labelled for your audience, personalised to your style and you are in charge of it all. Below are some examples of the products we can create for you.


We work with you to create your perfect ebook. Whatever your niche whether that be fitness, yoga, food or beauty, we can shoot and design each element to make sure it fits your brand and tells your story.


Provide a learning experience for your audience. Whether its a make-up masterclass, business course or self-help video series, we make selling your online course simple.


Sell workouts with step by step instructions. We build your own online members areas or embed workouts in-app for people to follow.

Fitness accessories

We specialise in making fitness activewear, resistance bands, belts, straps, mats and so much more. Each item is made exactly how you want it from being Vegan to sustainable packaging.

Casual clothing

Create your own clothing range with your own colours, sizing and style. Like oversized sweatshirts? Crop t-shirts? Bomber jackets? We got you.


Personalised beauty, skin or hair care products. We manage all testing, packaging, personalised formulations and appropriate certification.

Powered by Genflow

Our self-built eCommerce systems does exactly what we want it to. It works for influencers. For you that means that we can deliver custom influencer ecommerce projects, tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a variety of currencies, combined products, instant bank payments or something else, Aflete has the flexibility to deliver exactly what you wanted.

How it works

We like to work closely with our clients and become part of your team to ensure we can deliver the overall vision for your business. You are introduced to our team of experts (ex UniLad, Amazon, Farfetch etc) and have direct access to them throughout the process. We are transparent in all aspects of the partnership as we go through designing, sampling and creating products, shooting content, planning the launch strategy and working pro-actively on growing your business.

Product design

Our team of designers create the look of your product for approval before moving onto sampling.

Manufacturing & fulfilment

Once designs are approved, we begin manufacturing your product. We ship worldwide. We have our own factory and warehouse in both the UK and US allowing us to make the process super quick and simple. All product packaging can be completely customised for each client and they can benefit from some of the cheapest shipping rates due to the volume of products we fulfil.

Website design

We build & design your website on our own e-commerce platform.

Promotional content

We create promotional material to suit the tone of each client, something which allows them to really build excitement and enhance the professional image of their products.

Customer service

Customer service is managed by us, no headache for our clients. All tickets are answered within 24 hours on any given business day.

Business development

We are here to create brands that have huge potential whether this means helping the client decide what works for them and their audience, running ads and email marketing to boost sales or strategising for the next release. We are as invested in making your products as successful as you are.


If you need help with promoting your new brand and increase the size of the audience we can help take your business to a new level through paid traffic, getting them to follow you and converting them to sales.

Instagram Story Ads

We manage your Facebook Ad Manager to launch campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. We run multiple campaigns and run a/b tests to make sure each of them are profitable.

Youtube Ads

We handle your Google Ads account to run Youtube ads to help push your.

Retargetting campagins

We creare custom audiences for people landing on your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and website and create compelling campaigns to retarget people to make them into customers.


Complete transparency. Every client has access to their own dashboard allowing them to track sales, payments, transaction by country and stock updates. You can also create your own personalised coupons for your audience if wanting to offer discounts or give aways.


Sales Reporting

Coupons and Giveaways

Why work with us

We have a deep understanding of the market with over 2 years of experience.

You can trust our team who have delivered millions in sales for clients consistently and continue to do so.

We work a % basis with no fee’s upfront as we believe in the long term success of your business.

Loved by Influencers on
Instagram and Youtube

Grace Fit UK



"Working with Genflow has been amazing - their help on all customer service and back end business has been incredible and I can't imagine selling guides without them!"

Andrei Deiu



"I always wanted to sell my plans and with Genflow I was able to do that fast and get the best results. Since Oct 16 I have been making consistent sales! Thanks guys!"

Mike Diamonds



"Balancing Med School, Fitness and running a YouTube channel. It would have been impossible to start and manage my business without Genflow."

Brandon Harding



"They helped me launch my t-shirts and plans through my own website. Everything has been amazing and the app is a game changer!"

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