What we do?

In 2020 anyone can launch a direct to consumer brand. Setup a website, get some products/make a course and sell it online. It’s easy, we get it.

But would it be successful? You will make some sales but would it work in 12 months, will it build into a full fledged business that can grow without you? Could you sell the business for $100M one day?

This is what we do.

We work with you and give you a team focused on strategy, branding, paid ads, content, eCommerce and the rest so you can focus on being the CEO to lead the business and the team handles the business processes, day to day operations and growth.


Brand value


Repeat purchase rate


Brand growth rate per year

Our clients

Since 2016 we have built brands for influencers, celebrities and athletes across different industries.

and more...

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How we work?

We work side-by-side with each client and provide an exclusive framework to help transform your ambitions and goals into a reality.

Uplifting influencers, into CEO’s.

At Genflow there is ‘no one size fits all’, we tailor our services around each individual client, making every partnership unique.

Built for growth, we boast a multidisciplinary team of tech, product and media experts, with the collective drive of amplifying our influencer brands.

Genflow also provides a venture capital arm, reserved for those influential individuals, with an outstanding new idea.

Understand your true value with Genflow.

We are your team of experts

Genflow is a full service brand creation agency with proven success across all verticals including clothing, beauty, cosmetics, fitness, accessories and technology based businesses.

Brand strategy

Every brand we launch comes with a well thought out strategy. Planned in advance, broken into monthly, quarterly goals and projections to make sure we grow exponentially.

Deep analytics

By understanding our analytics you will build a precise understanding of your business, what content works and how to sustainably grow your business without needing to spend too much.

Growth hacking

Our team of marketing experts work on creating systems that drive sales for your brand 24/7. From writing scripts, copy, creating ads, SEO to digital marketing we do it all.

Customer loyalty

We work on understanding the emotions of your followers to turn them into loyal brand advocates. Tone of voice, every message and product is crafted to perfection.

Our services

Across our divisions we have devised complete infrastructure, allowing us to build
businesses, which we do 100% in-house.

We have built our own tech platform that allows us to develop web and mobile software custom for each influencer to make products your followers will love. We are obsessed with solving problems and building a user experience that keeps customers coming back.

  • Mobile Apps
  • E-commerce
  • Online platform
  • Dashboard

Our inhouse team of product specialists design and develop products across multiple verticals. We work with a range of factories around the world to produce each item and fulfill orders to all customers from our facilities in Europe and USA.

  • Beauty
  • Activewear
  • Fitness
  • Apparel
  • Supplements
  • Accessories
  • Jewelery
  • and more...

We are experts in bringing out your brand's story through content. We plan, execute and deliver campaigns that drive the highest ROI and combine it with a blend of digital marketing to boost your brands growth.

  • Paid Ads Management
  • Content Creation
  • Brand and Strategy
  • Social Media Management

We invest in businesses that have the ability to grow fast to $100M and beyond.


Our offices

We operate globally with our offices in London and LA.

London 🇬🇧

15-19 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn, London WC1A 2TH, United Kingdom

Los Angeles 🇺🇸

9800 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, 90212, United States

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