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TikTok Trends to Try Right Now - September 2022

Discover the hottest trends on TikTok this week 馃敟

Molly Rees
September 22, 2022
2 min

Make your own viral videos with the latest trends and trending audios to try on TikTok this week 馃敟

I blow up

Trend Low-down: This trend is used by people who have already gone viral on TikTok, where they use this sound saying 'i blow up', to show that one of their TikToks went viral.

Sound: The People using my sound have more likes than me - Geometry Fox

And now I want to sit back and relax...

Trend Low-down: Using this trending sound of Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms, this sound is commonly used by girls to complain about their male partners ruining the aesthetic of their home with gaming areas or fandom memorabilia.

Sound: ABBY USED MY SOUND - livinonthedancefloor馃拫

This is intermediate, I'm a beginner

Trend Low-down: This trend is used to describe a relatable situation where you may feel out of your depth for a comedic effect, for example, being left with your newborn baby for the first time, or trying to speak a language in a foreign country after only ever practicing on Duolingo.

Sound: original sound - foot asylum - Footasylum

Super Freaky Dance

Trend Low-down: Dance trends are back! While dances used to dominate the TikTok algorithm, they haven't been as popular in 2022, but they seem to be subtly making a return. To Super Freaky Girl by Nicki Minaj, this dance usually requires a pair but can be done solo or with a larger group.

Sound: super freaky girl nicki minaj out now - SUPER FRE@KY GIRL OUT NOW !!

Cuff It Dance

Trend Low-down: Another dance trend on TikTok this week, this time to Beyonc茅's Cuff It off of her latest album, Renaissance.

Sound: CUFF IT - Beyonc茅

I want to go to there

Trend Low-down: This trend uses a popular sound saying 'I want to go to there', where the creator shows images of, or writes about, a place they wish they could visit, often somewhere nostalgic such as an imaginary place from childhood media, or anything relatable.

Sound: original sound - britneyforprez

It's amazing but wait can you talk for a sec?

Trend Low-down: Using this trending sound from Kim Kardashian, the creator describes a relatable situation where they feel like they need help, often from a parent, while lip-synching to the sound for a comical effect.

Sound: original sound - Kardashian Clips

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