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TikTok Trends to Try Right Now

Discover the hottest trends on TikTok this week 🔥

Molly Rees
August 24, 2022
2 min

In this weekly post, we will share the hottest trends and viral audios to try on TikTok this week 🔥

I coulda said that

Trend Low-down: This trend uses a sound from an interview with Ariana Grande talking about her song 'Thank U, Next', where she explains that the line written about her ex-boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, could have been a lot more brutal. People are using this sound to spill the honest truth, or what they were really thinking about, in situations with friends and relationships.

Sound: Originalton - kida

Can I give you a big hug?

Trend Low-down: This sound has been used for a while on TikTok in a range of different ways, but the latest trend is using the sound to disparage a certain make-up or fashion trend, with the suggestion that the creator try the trend, and responding with 'No, thanks'.

Sound: No thanks - kuwtkclips0

Burn it

Trend Low-down: This trend uses this sound saying 'burn it', often about something unflattering to the creator, such as an embarrassing old picture, or of something the creator doesn't like, such as a certain fashion trend.

Sound: original audio - Anime Planet

Bryant Photo Booth

Trend Low-down: Photographer and creator Bryant is well-known online for the pictures he takes of his fellow creators, and has recently created his own photo booth, taking vintage-style black and white pictures of his famous friends. These creators are posting these images to this trending sound, and because of their large followings have started a trend of posting photo booth style pictures on TikTok. Although we can't all access Bryant's photo booth in real life, many smaller creators have been recreating the trend with their own cameras and filters.

Sound: sos - evie

If ... was illegal

Trend Low-down: This new trend has quickly built up momentum on TikTok, using the effect 'POlice by JPhant' to depict the creator in a police car, lip-synching to the sound, with the text, 'If ... was illegal', with creators writing something that they relate to, often in a comedic way, implying that if that thing was to be illegal, they would be arrested. Even Joe Jonas has jumped on this trend!

Sound: locked up - Coinyes

Why does god give me the hardest battles

Trend Low-down: This trend is another where the creator posts a video of themselves lip-syncing to the sound, with relatable text overtop, this time saying "I be like 'why does god me he the hardest battles', and the battle is ...", completing the text with a relatable or lazy problem that it not really a struggle at all for a comical effect.

Sound: Bathroom Dance - Hildur Guonadottir

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