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TikTok Trends To Recreate This Week | March 2023

Go viral on TikTok with the hottest trends and viral sounds this week 🔥

Molly Rees
March 8, 2023
3 min
TikTok Trends To Recreate This Week | March 2023

Boy's a Liar Pt. 2

Trend Breakdown: Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 by viral TikTok artists PinkPantheress and Ice Spice has taken over the Internet, becoming  THE trending audio to use on your TikTok videos. Even Kim Kardashian is addicted, inviting Ice Spice round to her house to create TikTok’s with her daughter, North West to the trending song.

Sound: Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 - PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

IShowSpeed Skip Template

Trend Breakdown: Using this CapCut template of famous streamer IShowSpeed, people are creating hilarious videos on different relatable topics.

Sound: N/A

I only wear concealer

Trend Breakdown: This trend pokes fun at people who see themselves as superior for needing to wear little make-up, claiming ‘they only wear concealer’, when really they heavily use it to the point they might as well wear foundation, with the creator applying concealer to create a full make-up base.

Sound: N/A

@theflaviajacintho “i only wear concealer” the concealer: @HNB Cosmetics soft focus airbrush concealer- SF4W. @elfcosmetics hydrating camo concealer - Rich chocolate. #hnbcosmetics #concealers #fyp #makeup #makeuptrend #blackgirltiktok #uktiktok ♬ run it by chris brown remix - nrlsbest

Lightning McQueen!

Trend Breakdown: Using this CapCut template, featuring a clip from Cars, people are hyping up themselves and others.

Sound: N/A

Soulmate Moon Phase

Trend Breakdown: People are using this trend to find out if they and their significant other (or celebrity crush) are destined 'soul mates'. By using this CapCut template, if the two moons create one full moon, it supposedly means you are soul mates.

Sound: Every Summertime - NIKI

I don't like make-up

Trend Breakdown: Another trend poking fun at people who claim to not like or wear a lot of make-up, this trend uses an audio clip from a podcast, where a woman says that she doesn't like make-up, while the creator proceeds to apply a full face of beauty products.

Sound: original sound -

Soul crushing

Trend Breakdown: Creators are using this trending audio to make hilarious and relatable videos about any time that left them soul crushed.

Sound: kms - kellykelpwad


what’s y’all’s go to soul crushing song?

♬ kms - kellykelpwad

Stop-motion make-up

Trend Breakdown: Make-up trends are taking over this week, including the new stop-motion make-up trend. This trend is cool new way of creating a make-up tutorial, with the products appearing on the creator's face in a stop-motion effect, often set to the popular Boy's a Liar Pt. 2.

Sound:  Boy's a Liar Pt. 2 - PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

@tias.mua need to trust the process with this one, also this was actually so hard to make!! ib @colleen.makeupp ofc 🫶🏼🖤 #stopmotionmakeup #grwmmakeup #makeup #makeuptutorial ♬ Boy's a liar Pt. 2 - PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Therapy dupe

Trend Breakdown: Creators are using this trending audio to create tongue-in-cheek videos about things that make them feel good, rather than going to therapy.

Sound: therapy dupes for mentally ill broke queens - ✨zoe’s reads ✨

I left you alone for 5 minutes...

Trend Breakdown: This trend uses this trending audio with creators making hilarious videos about situations where they couldn't help but buy everything!

Sound: Costco Escapades Dalecsander - DAleCsander

Bombastic side-eye

Trend Breakdown: Creators are using this trending audio to comment on situations in pop culture or relatable stories that made them give a major side-eye!

Sound: Bombastic side eye - Bela

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