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TikTok Trends To Recreate This Week | February 2023

Go viral on TikTok with the hottest trends and viral sounds this week 🔥

Molly Rees
February 9, 2023
2 min
TikTok Trends To Recreate This Week | January 2023


Trend Breakdown: De-influencing is the biggest trend taking over the TikTok beauty community. Creators are using the trend to tell their viewers why they shouldn't buy certain products, either because they don't need them or they don't perform well.

Sound: N/A

Not everything can be an album cover

Trend Breakdown: This trend sprung up as a spin-off of a previous trend suggesting that 'everything could be an album cover', pausing music videos at random moments and showing how it would look as an album cover. This trend is the opposite, pausing videos at random using a CapCut template and showing how they often have terrible and hilarious results.

Sound: N/A

Kim Kardashian

Trend Breakdown: After these pictures of Kim Kardashian from a photoshoot went viral on Twitter this week, this trend sprung up on TikTok using the platform's new Photo Mode. Because Kim is wearing minimal make-up and demure dresses, creators are using the images to express times they felt like they were living in the past, often in an ironic and tongue-in-cheek way.

Sound: A House In Nebraska - Ethel Cain

Example: Link

The New Girl in Town

Trend Breakdown: The dance from the film 'Hairspray' to the song 'The New Girl in Town' has gone viral this week after multiple people reminisced how they always wanted to be a part of the fictional group from the film, The Dynamites, when they were younger. Creators often perform the dance with two friends to make up the trio, or use the Clone effect.

Sound: The New Girl In Town - Brittany Snow & Motion Picture Cast of Hairspray

I Gotta See Her

Trend Breakdown: Videos in this trend use text on-screen saying that someone has found a girl who has something better or does something more than the creator does, e.g. has longer hair, or watches more of a certain TV show. The creator then uses the lyric 'I gotta see her' from the trending song 'Mrs. Right' to express that it mustn't be possible.

Sound: Mrs. Right - Mindless Behavior

Wrap Around

Trend Breakdown: Creators are using this trending audio to create relatable and comedic videos of moments they decided they need to do something twice.

Sound: original sound - TRAILER PARK BOYS

Side Eye

Trend Breakdown: Creators are using this trending audio to comment on relatable or real life situations whe someone said something to them that made them judgemental.

Sound: original sound - deffonotcami


Booth seats are for the girls only 😤

♬ original sound - deffonotcami

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