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Instagram launches new 'Quiet Mode' feature

The platform has launched a new tool to help users manage their time and focus outside of the app.

Emma Smallwood
January 23, 2023
2 min
Instagram Quiet Mode: To help users pause notifications & take a break

Instagram has just announced one of its latest features to launch on the app in 2023…

‘Quiet Mode’ aims to assist users in focusing and managing their social media usage. When turned on, users will not receive any notifications from the app, and their activity status will show that they are "in quiet mode." Additionally, users can customize their Quiet Mode hours to align with their schedule, and once the feature is turned off, Instagram will share a quick review of missed notifications. 

This new feature encourages users, particularly teens, to set boundaries with their friends and followers, helping them manage their screen time and social media habits. Instagram has previously stated how teens have expressed a desire for more control over their social media usage, particularly during times when they are studying or in school. ‘Quiet Mode’ allows teens to take time for themselves and focus on their studies or other activities. 

This feature is currently available to users in the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and Instagram plans to roll it out in other countries soon.

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