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How To Get Your Content Seen on Instagram

How to win on Instagram and beat the algorithm.

Ella White
June 13, 2022
4 min

For some of us, posting on Instagram is just about sharing the things we love and if nobody likes it, nevermind. But for creators looking to monetize their content or reach a wider audience to connect with what they do, it takes a little more thought.

Increasing your reach on Instagram – or any social platform – isn’t entirely about organic engagement and followings… although with a bit of hard work, hopefully they’ll come later.

Good quality images and videos, posting at peak times, and engaging with your followers and other pages are all long-running rules of thumb when it comes to success on Instagram. But there are some deeper tactics you can apply that will help you grow your audience in no time.

So if you’ve been fretting over how to get your content seen on Instagram, these tips might do the trick.

Follow trends
We’re not suggesting that you should alter your entire page just to fit a trend. But by keeping an eye on what works well for other users on Instagram, and the kind of content that’s consistently trending, you can discover new ways to lean your content into popular topics or aesthetics.

Don’t lose your own niche, but talk about trending topics, consider the consistency of your aesthetic, and do some research into the most popular trends that your followers are into. This can inform your tags, captions, and song choices, as well as the content itself.

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Use audio
You’ve probably already noticed that your engagement goes up after posting a Reel. But do you know why? Understanding the reasons behind your content performing well helps you harness new tactics rather than putting it down to fluke or fate.

Reels are discoverable and searchable, not only by tags and keywords but also by audio. So if you pick a popular or catchy song to add to your video, users that click through to view it on one video will find a whole bunch of other videos that feature the same track. That’s basically the method behind ‘TikTok famous’ tunes, and it’s so simple.

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Be consistent
When you’ve found your niche, stick with it. One of the top reasons for Instagram users losing followers is because their content is either inconsistent or changes too often. Social media is like real life in that people want to be around users to whom they relate to. So let them know you’re part of their tribe.

It also lets Instagram know who you are and what you do, so you will consistently have your content put in front of the people who want to see it.

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Buy what Insta is selling
And we don’t necessarily mean their Shop feature (although that could help too). If you pay attention to the new products and features that Instagram is pushing, and learn how to use them, and adapt them to your content, you’ll find yourself rising up the ranks.

The platform’s algorithm is set up to favor users that are making the most of the features they’ve just launched. So not only is it a good way to get ahead of the curve, but it’s also one of the best ways to get your content placed in front of potential new followers.

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Watch your stats
Measuring your KPIs and stats is an easy way to keep an eye on how your content is performing. As well as showing you what’s working well, you can analyze the posts that don’t do so well and understand what they might be missing.

Remember that some of your posts have to be the worst-performing, so don’t feel too disheartened about those that rank lower. Just use it as an opportunity to consider: Was the quality worse than usual? Did the caption lack searchable keywords? Was it posted at a low-traffic time of day?

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SEO isn’t just for websites. If you make the most of your caption and hashtag space on Insta, you’re bound to reach more people. Because posts are now searchable by keywords as well as hashtags, your caption is more important than ever.

Similarly, adding accessibility features like alt text to your images makes them more searchable, and appeals to the algorithm’s focus on making the platform more accessible to all users.

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Teaming up with brands or other creators who share your values, themes, and aesthetic can help you reach new audiences. Now Instagram has introduced it’s partnership feature which allows creators to share the credit for posts with another user, it’s presented a brilliant opportunity for team-ups.

You might already have some audience crossover, in which case your followers will be excited to see two of their fave creators working together. And for those who haven’t heard of you, they’ll be more likely to give you a follow once they see you partnering with someone they follow. Basically, it’s a win-win.

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