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5 ways to sell on Instagram

90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, it’s no surprise that more and more brands and creators need to get on board with Instagram Shopping. Here are 5 ways to embrace IG Shops.

Ella White
July 18, 2022
3 min

The rise of Instagram’s Shopping platform has proven the success that both brands and creators can enjoy from selling products through social media.

Allowing shoppers to buy the products they’ve seen in just a few clicks, it’s one of the most convenient ways to browse, learn about new brands and products, and checkout without having to leave Instagram.

And since 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, it’s no surprise that more and more brands and creators are getting on board with Instagram Shopping.

The in-app experience, which means users can purchase directly from your Instagram storefront without having to enter a new website, is one of the smoothest processes around.

So, to guide you if you’re thinking about dipping your toe into the social selling pool, here are our top five ways to sell on Instagram.

  1. Set up an Instagram shop

There are two ways to set up an Instagram Shop: through the Meta Business Manager or natively within Instagram.

Meta Business Manager is a great option for brands and creators looking to sell their products across more than one platform. But if Instagram is your main audience, it’s easiest to use the native option.

To sell on Instagram, you have to have an Instagram business account, which is linked to a Facebook catalog on Commerce Manager. You also have to ensure your products are in line with Instagram’s commerce policies. And then you’re ready to get selling!

To get your Shop started, just go to your Instagram profile, open the menu in the top right corner and select Settings > Business > Set Up Instagram Shopping. Pick a checkout method and sales channels, list your products, and watch the sales come rolling in.

2. Create shoppable reels

Shoppable Reels makes it easier for users to discover and buy products on Instagram. So when you post a Reel about or featuring one of your products, make sure it’s tagged.

Similar to shoppable Posts and Stories, Shoppable Reels allow viewers to click ‘View Products’ where they can learn about and purchase your featured products in seconds.

Creators can also tag products from partner brands, and add ‘Branded Content’ labels to comply with Instagram's partnership policies.

For inspiration, check out @skims and @adanola who both create engaging and successful shoppable Reels.

3. Create shoppable posts

Instagram now favors Posts over Reels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell through your grid. Creating a shoppable Post is even easier than in Reels. Simply upload and edit your image, and select ‘Tag Products’ in the same way you would tag another user.

You’ll see a list of all your Shop’s products, which you can search by name and then simply click to add the tag. Make sure you click your image in the right spot, so the tag applies in the right place for each corresponding product.

And if you’re working in partnership with a brand, don’t forget to tag them as a partner before you publish.

4. Community product tagging

Shoppable posts aren’t just for brands and creators with their own Instagram Shop. A newly released feature now allows all users to tag shops in their posts, in a bid to boost shopping within the platform.

This doesn’t have to be a paid partnership: anyone wearing or featuring your products in their own post now has the option to tag your shop so others can browse and buy, too. It’s an easy win for sellers and an easy win for Instagram.

You could even encourage your buyers to do this by reposting any users who tag your shop onto your feed or Stories.

5. Use Instagram ads

The best way to let your followers know you’re selling on Instagram Shopping, and draw in new audiences? Instagram Ads. The platform’s targeted advertising feature is one of the best on any social media platform. It allows you to target your product's specific demographics, by appearing in their Stories and feeds.

You can use Instagram Ads to promote your Shop as a whole, or share new products with shoppable tags. Unlike the other steps to selling on Instagram, this does come at a price, but the sales it will bring in have the potential to far outweigh the cost.

You’ll need to run your Ads through the Facebook Ads Manager and you can select a price range you’re happy with. Once your Ads have achieved the reach you’ve paid for, they’ll stop showing in Stories and feeds, so you’ll never run over budget.

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