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Weekly Digest: Rihanna's Going High Street, Goodbye iPods, Balenciaga's Marketing On Point

Savage X Fenty hits the high street, Adidas x Gucci catalog is delicious & Netflix is introducing ads?! Why...

Ella White
May 13, 2022
4 min

All the headlines you need in the creator, tech & social media news this week:

Fashion /
Savage X Fenty hits the highstreet

You’d think revolutionizing maternity wear, appearing on the cover of Vogue, and blowing the Met Gala red carpet out the water without even showing up would be enough to keep Rihanna busy but no: this week came the welcome news that she’s opening six Savage X Fenty stores across the USA.

Tech /
Forget your password, it’s fine

In a move nobody knew they were waiting for, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have joined forces to create password-free sign-in as standard. The purpose is to tackle the cyber security threat of password-only logins, but it comes with the bonus of never having to remember your password again.

Fashion /
Balenciaga continues its reign as marketing master

Balenciaga is reverse-engineering its marketing campaign for the new Paris Sneaker. Advertised by a pair of sneakers so worn they could have been picked straight out of the landfill, the French fashion giant explained that the campaign highlights how their shoes are designed to be worn for life. The super-distressed sneakers will be available for a limited run of 100 pairs. Are you sold?

Social Media /
Bye Discover, hello Friends

TikTok has removed its Discovery tab and replaced it with Friends – a page filled with posts from followers that you follow back, accounts you follow, and other suggested accounts. The idea is to help users connect more easily with people they know and the content they love. It’s expected to roll out to even more users over the coming weeks.

Fashion /
The Adidas x Gucci Catalog is here

Gucci is the next in a long line of fashion houses to team up with sportswear giant, Adidas. But this time the lookbook has been designed by the same creator as the line itself. Alessandro Michele took inspiration from Adidas’ own fitness catalogs from the 1980s to create this perfectly retro collection.

Gaming /
A Lord of the Rings mobile game is coming

EA has announced that it’s in the process of developing a Lord of the Rings mobile game. The game will be free to play, and is said to be inspired by Middle-Earth as Tolkein himself described it in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books. The immersive app will combine storytelling, combat, characters you know and love, and of course a good battle.

Tech /
Netflix introduces ads

Netflix is already losing subscribers, so it’s understandable that they’re scrambling to find new ways to turn a profit. But is introducing ads to a paid subscription-based platform really the answer? It’s not as bad as it sounds: rumor has it the platform is considering an ‘ad tier’ to be introduced in conjunction with an extra fee for subscribers who share their accounts across different addresses.

Fashion /
Spanx has a new ambassador

The shapewear market is rife with competition right now, from Lizzo’s new line Yitty to the ever-growing success of Kim K’s Skims. So OG brand Spanx is pulling out the big guns by signing Ashley Graham as its first-ever celebrity ambassador. But will it be enough for the 22-year-old brand to pull back its title as a frontrunner on the market?

Viral /
Louis Theroux takes TikTok

Louis Theroux's amateur rap remix has taken the internet by storm this week, despite originally being recorded in 2000 during the filming of his Weird Weekends series in New Orleans. The video now has 3.6 million views on YouTube after it inspired the viral TikTok craze. But we didn’t need to tell you that because it’s already been stuck in your head all week.

Tech /
The iPod is no more

Millennials, grab a tissue: Apple has officially discontinued the iPod. After 26 iterations, the tech giant has announced that there will be no new versions of the iPod – the most recent of which was released in early 2019. We’re weirdly sad about this despite not having used ours since about 2011..?

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