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Weekly Digest: Justin Bieber's Coffee Collab & Jacquemus X Nike Is Coming Soon

Two huge social media platforms are diving into the NFT world... but is it enough?

Ella White
May 20, 2022
3 min

All the headlines you need in the creator, tech & social media news this week:

Web3 /
We're building a web3 platform

Fashion /
Jacquemus launches ‘sensuous’ collection with Nike

French brand Jacquemus’ eccentric designs have often come with a sporty twist, so when the news came in that they were to be the latest fashion house to collaborate with Nike, we started saving our paychecks.

Web3 /
Could NFTs have a place on Spotify?

No online space is free from the rise of the NFT. Now, Spotify has announced that it's testing a feature that would allow select artists to promote their NFTs on their profiles. The streaming giant says this is “part of its continued efforts to enable artists to deepen their connections with fans both on and off its platform.”

Collab /
Biebs Brew is coming to Tim Hortons

Canada’s two greatest exports – Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber – have come together once again to create one great Canadian coffee. The French vanilla flavored cold brew coffee, called Biebs Brew (yes, really) will launch across Canada and the USA from 6 June.

Culture /
Apply now for… Kanye West’s school

Kanye West‘s Donda Academy school is now open for student application. Following the success of West’s Donda Doves basketball team this year, the rapper – who is going through a bit of a time, it’s fair to say – has announced that the academy will adopt a project-based learning model for students from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Entertainment /
Black Mirror returns for a ‘cinematic’ sixth series

Everyone’s favorite dystopian nightmare, Black Mirror, has announced that it will be returning with a new season that’s set to be even more cinematic than the last. There’s no word yet when it will return to our screens so hopefully, we’ll have some time to recover from the real-life dystopia of the last two years, first.

Creators /
New features bring NFTs to Linktree

Another platform on the list for finding ways to keep up with the NFT curve is Linktree. The link-in-bio platform is rolling out new features that will allow its users to showcase their NFTs, and aims to “build a community around ownership.”

Tech /
Apple introduces new accessibility features

Live captions and a range of other accessibility features will be coming to iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches, the tech giant has announced. Live captions will be displayed as a rolling transcript that works in real-time, captioning videos, podcasts, and even FaceTime calls.

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