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We Went To Veecon... Here's Everything That Happened

We were at Veecon last weekend, and these are our top five highlights, including a proposal.

Ella White
May 26, 2022
4 min

ICYMI, we announced our web3 vertical - Genv3rse - this past weekend. We're building a platform that allows anyone to build their own web3 business. So it felt right to take some of our web3 team to Minneapolis over the weekend and attend Gary Vee's debut NFT and Web3 conference, VEECON. We were already seeing so much potential in the space, but now we are feeling super inspired about Genv3rse’s role in building the future of Web3.

Veecon is a new, NFT-ticketed event created by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, who hosted the event. Veecon was attended by global NFT and Web3 entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, alongside the likes of notable web3 creators including Logan Paul, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, Huda Kattan and Eva Longoria. Gary's vision behind the event was to bring together the global NFT community at one massive Web3 and NFT conference. The ticket to the event was obviously... an NFT. You had to be a holder of a VeeFriends Season 2 NFT to enter the conference.

Our Web3 team spent the weekend at the event, meeting like-minded people from all over the world who had traveled to experience the first-ever installment of Veecon. We networked with some major players in the space who have been involved with crypto for years. We shared a teaser of what Genv3rse will be about, and they shared invaluable insights from the industry in this space.

These are some of our highlights from the weekend.

  1. Logan Paul gifted Gary Vee his 99Originals NFT

Live on stage, Youtube creator and megastar Logan Paul gifted event organizer Gary Vee his originals #5 NFT. Paul immortalized the moment by posting an image of the NFT – a polaroid of the pair that Gary Vee now owns in physical form, too – on Twitter. He said, “Thank you Gary for inspiring and motivating a generation of believers. the ripple effect of your influence will be felt for generations to come”. His Originals DAO are said to be worth $30K each.

2. Veecon confirms Snoop Dogg NFT collaboration

It was confirmed that a collaboration between Snoop Dogg and the Veecon ticket NFT holders was happening. Snoop recently stole the crown of ‘richest celebrity NFT collector’ from event creator, Gary. So for the pair of NFT icons to team up clearly makes sense. Veecon was one of the first-ever NFT-ticketed events, and we can’t wait to see what comes from this collaboration.

3. UFC is set to enter Web3

Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) will be entering a Web3 partnership with Pixel Vault Sports. It’s believed that the collaboration will focus on creating "comics, content, and blockchain games inspired by the stories of famous athletes." It’s the wrestling x NFT crossover we didn’t know we needed.

4. Gift Goat NFT holders get exclusive access to artist Beeple

Holders of the VeeFriends NFT Gift Goat will now have exclusive access to a collaboration with artist Beeple. The NFT, which was available to 555 proprietors, is already linked to the co-operation for a limited payment agreed between VeeFriends Collection and Johnnie Walker whiskey, as well as 18 other unique luxury gifting experiences that are available over a three-year period.

On another note, Beeple was also ‘caked’ in the face at Veecon by Steve Aoki – but rather than some vicious attack, the caking was planned.

5. A marriage proposal

Okay so it’s not technically NFT-related, but on Day Two a couple of VeeFriend fans who attended the event thanks to winning a giveaway just a month ago, took to the stage for a very public marriage proposal. Gary Vee himself joined them to celebrate.

Rob Petrozzo, founder of Rally and chief product officer for VeeCon 2022

Co-founder of non-traditional investment platform Rally and chief product officer for VeeCon 2022, Rob Petrozzo, spoke at the event. He said, “There’s builders and creators who are creating projects from scratch, launching and distributing to the entire world in a matter of days and weeks… We started to see that the relevance was going to be there long term."

But despite the fast-moving content creation landscape, he believes that the blockchain is actually making it easier for creatives to buy and sell their products.

We’re sure this is set to be the first of many future Veecon events that will no doubt play a huge role in shaping the Crypto and NFT space. See you there next time!

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