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The Ultimate Creator Guide For TikTok

If you’ve been wondering how to nail your TikTok content game, our Ultimate Creator Guide for TikTok will help reignite your inspiration.

Ella White
June 24, 2022
7 min

Whatever your niche, one of the main concerns for all TikTok creators is generating consistent, quality content that resonates with their audiences. And though this will come naturally to an extent, we all suffer artistic blocks from time to time.

And on top of that, social media algorithms play a large part in the performance of online content, so it’s not always as easy to predict what will be successful and what will just do... okay.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to nail your TikTok content game, our Ultimate Creator Guide for TikTok will help reignite your inspiration.

Create a TikTok marketing strategy
If you thought marketing strategies were just for brands: think again. Firstly, if creators consider themselves to be brands in their own right it can reframe the way content is created. Treat it like a business and success is more likely to come your way.

TikTok has over one billion monthly active users, and they’re not just Gen Z and Alpha. Now, creators, celebrities, and brands from all walks of life are getting in on the action. And though more people joining the platform has positive potential for your video views and follows, it also means more competition.

Creating a marketing strategy focusing on the following points will help you define the kind of content you want to create, who you want it to reach, and how often you should be posting it:

  • Set clear goals in line with your reason for using TikTok, whether that’s awareness-raising, education, or increasing your following
  • Try different content themes to see what resonates best with your audience
  • Keep an eye on your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t, and work targets into your strategy
  • Plan your posting schedule, as regular and consistent posting, leads to more followers as they know when to expect content from you
  • Keep on top of the trends that work for your niche

Understand the kind of content that works best on TikTok
You’re probably well aware of TikTok’s capacity to set off dance crazes and drive songs to #1. But that’s not the only way to go viral on the platform. Any content that’s easy for others to replicate or use to inspire their own unique videos – like fashion or beauty trends, comedy skits, or filters – have huge potential to perform well.

However, starting or following trends isn’t the only way to win at TikTok. Posting original videos that are aimed at the interests you share with your audience is an important element of keeping your page fresh. TikTok trends are great but don’t forget why your audience really follows you.

So, when creating your content or planning your strategy, remember what your followers want. Do they like tips and hacks, anecdotes, tutorials, or style inspo? Whatever your analytics show to be working best should be the focus of your page.

Don’t forget to edit
Okay, so in a world where keeping things real and unedited is a priority, this doesn’t sound like the best advice. But we’re not suggesting making your nose smaller or editing your body type.

On TikTok, there are plenty of ways to edit your content to make it more visually appealing, without losing its integrity:

  • Add text in different fonts, sizes, colors, and weights
  • Set the duration for how long your text appears on screen, and where it’s placed
  • Apply text-to-speech and apply speech filters including cat and flute effects
  • Add stickers and emojis for extra engagement
  • Use split, transition, and motion effects for a fun twist
  • Use the noise reducer tool on videos recorded in spaces with a lot of distracting background noise
  • Adjust your clips to reorder your video
  • Review your automated captions to check for errors
  • Add voiceovers to video clips

Keep an eye on your engagement
One of the main goals of your TikTok strategy might be to increase engagement. But the work doesn’t stop once your video is posted and the views and comments start rolling in.

Staying on top of your engagement, replying to comments, and building a relationship with your community will help your profile rank well within TikTok’s algorithm and will help your follows build a sense of who you are.

Watch your analytics, too. Consider why the videos that receive fewer engagements might not be performing so well. Is it because you didn’t ask any questions or include a CTA? See if you can improve with your next post, but don’t stress about it too much: even the most successful pages have less successful videos.

Understand the algorithm
In basic terms, TikTok’s algorithm is designed to help users see the content that is of most interest to them, based on what they have previously watched and engaged with.

It’s incredibly complex, but essentially works by ranking videos based on user interests and disinterests so that only the most compelling and engaging content reaches each individual user.

To create these rankings, the algorithm looks at user activity including completions and rewatches, likes, and shares. It’s also better than other platforms at defining the subject matter of videos based on keywords, hashtags, and sounds, and can also recognize user locations and languages to help drive the most relevant content to the right people.

You can also hide, select ‘Not Interested’ or skip through a video to let the algorithm know that you don’t want to see anymore content from this theme or creator.

Be inspired by creators
There are so many TikTok creators making a living from their content that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – but don’t just sit and compare yourself to others, be inspired by them and use their success to influence your own content for the better.

Leana Deeb

Genflow Talent creator, Leana Deeb is a fitness creator who has used TikTok and Instagram to build a following of over 2 million people who engage and interact with her content.

From workouts to cooldowns to dietary advice, Leana keeps her content natural and easy to follow, which is just one of the reasons her followers keep watching, liking, and sharing her videos. She’s even been signed on as a Gymshark Athlete due to her social media success.

Steph Hui

Steph Hui has amassed a following of over 1 million on TikTok and Instagram with her beauty content. She shares tutorials, night-out and daytime looks, and other style inspiration with a relatable, real-life edge.

As well as paid partnerships, Hui reviews brands and products based on her own experiences and first impressions, reminding other creators that getting paid for ads isn’t the only way to highlight the brands you love. Steph is also a Genflow Talent creator, and you can check out more of her content here.


Toronto-based Alissia is another beauty creator making waves on TikTok with her hacks and how-tos and is also represented by Genflow Talent. As well as kicking off beauty trends, she reviews products and recommends her favorite brands, keeping followers engaged with her content for the value they know they can count on Alissia to deliver. Be inspired by her consistency – and her perfect winged liner.

How to get more views
Okay, we know the real question you want answers to is ‘how do I get more views on TikTok?’ And though the answer isn’t cut-and-dry (or everyone on the platform would be an overnight sensation) there are a few tips and tricks that could help get your videos in front of more viewers.

Firstly, anyone’s content can be featured on the For Your pages (FYPs) which act as TikTok’s homepage. So optimizing your content with keywords, hashtags, trending audio, and optimal posting times means you’re just as likely to have your video included on FYPs as the biggest creators.

And, once you’ve gone to all the effort to create a TikTok video, don’t just let it sit and stagnate. Repurpose your content across as many channels as you can (or at least as many as you’re active on) to generate engagement through cross-promotion.

You can share your TikTok directly to Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. Or, you could repurpose your pre-recorded videos to fit the dimensions, filters, and other algorithmic requirements of other platforms like Instagram and Youtube. After all, you own the content and can use it however you like, so why miss out on the extra engagement?

Make the most of analytics
We’ve already mentioned it, but understanding how to use TikTok analytics is one of the best ways to understand the performance of your videos, and tweak your strategy to appeal to the themes your audience responds to well.

Understanding the kinds of videos that get the most views, as well as the best times, days, filters, and sounds that generate engagement can help inform your strategy for the better. It takes time and patience, and it’s not the most creative aspect of running a TikTok page, but it is a simple step you can take to ensure your videos perform better.

TikTok is unique and ahead of the curve when it comes to social media platforms, so your content should be too. And if you follow this creator guide, we’re sure your videos will come out on top.

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