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Meet The Team: Jack Robson, Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, Jack, is a vital member of our Product Team at Genflow, creating amazing designs for our creator products.

Molly Rees
February 2, 2023
2 min
Meet The Team: Jack Robson, Graphic Designer

What do you do at Genflow?

I’m a Graphic Designer in the Product Team at Genflow.

What were you doing prior to Genflow?

For the previous 6 years I  worked as a freelance designer, mainly editorial and book design. Half of my week as a freelancer was working on Batman comics!

Your superpower?

My superpower is anything design related.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?

My highlight at Genflow so far would probably be working on The Productivity Method planners. That was really fun to work on and sold really well. Also working with the Product Team everyday! They're great people to work with and make my job a lot easier!

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What advice do you have for anyone wanting to work in your niche?

Create a big network of friends and colleagues in the design world. Other then Genflow, every job I had previous was through a friend or old colleague!

Your fav creator right now?

It has to be the Sidemen.