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Meet the Team: Jack Helm, Nutrition Product Developer

The resident 'Nutrition Guy' at Genflow, Jack Helm works with some of our top fitness creators to make some cutting-edge and disruptive products for the industry.

Emma Smallwood
May 6, 2022
1 min

What do you do at Genflow?

I am the Nutrition Product Developer; also the resident "Nutrition Guy" for Genflow. I create, develop and design all the nutritional products that Genflow and our clients produce.


What did you do prior to Genflow?
I worked for a third-party NPD (new product development) firm that worked with some of the largest brands in sports nutrition, healthy snacking, and own-brand retail products.

Describe your role in 3 words?
Vibrant, immersive, and fun.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
Having samples signed off by a client on their first sampling session where they fell in love with the product.

Best career advice you've received from a former colleague or manager?
Critique with sensitivity - be honest and candid while still understanding a client has the final say.

Who is your favourite creator at the moment?
Hasbulla - I don't even speak Russian but his content is captivating, from fake press conferences to his first-ever interview, I just can't get enough.

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