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Meet The Team: Harry Wood, Video Creator

At Genflow, we understand the importance and power of incredible content, and that's why our content team strives to produce the best of the best videography for our clients. See what Video Creator, Harry had to say about producing a launch video for one of our biggest brands!

Emma Smallwood
February 7, 2022
2 min

What do you do at Genflow?

I am a Video Creator - I spend most of my time editing video content but I also like to shoot when I can.

What did you do before Genflow?
I worked freelance as a videographer/editor as well as for a few production agencies too. I also worked freelance as a lighting tech or ’Spark’ on short films, music videos, and a few commercials.

Describe your role in 3 words?
Creative, challenging, evolving

What's been your favourite piece of content that you've created at Genflow so far?
There have been a few but I would say the Sophie Hannah Hair BTS Hero video. This was a fun one as I saw it through from start to finish. From being involved in creating the concept to planning the setup, ordering in the lighting kit, shooting, and then editing. We were going for a soft and vintage look with this video, playing with the lighting and using editing techniques to achieve this was really fun. It was nice to put my own touch and implement everything I have learned through working at Genflow on a piece of content.  

Top editing tip for someone who is starting out?
Never neglect sound. No matter how good a video can look, it will always be better with clean and impactful sound design. Whether it's just cleaning up audio from an interview or getting creative with SFX, I say go for it.

Learn the basics, use youtube for tips (it’s all on there) and implement it into your workflow - you will notice the difference!

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