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Meet the Team: Hannah Batty, Social Media Manager

At Genflow, we know how social media works and we use our knowledge to build strong brands for our creators. Social Media Manager, Hannah Batty does just that with Shreddy, and she has quite a controversial opinion on a certain platform...

Emma Smallwood
June 8, 2022
3 min

What do you do at Genflow?
I'm the social media manager for SHREDDY, a fitness & nutrition brand by creator Grace Beverley. I'm responsible for all the content you see on the Shreddy social pages.

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
I got my start in social media marketing about 10 years ago. I began as a content creator, growing my personal YouTube channel to 120k subscribers and IG to 40k followers while I was at Uni doing a marketing degree.

This led to me working on brand deals with brands including Warner Bros, ASOS, Tresemme, Vodafone, 20th Century Fox, and more; this is how I found out I much prefer being involved in the strategy and creative of the campaigns than I did being the ‘talent’.

I then made a career shift in 2018 to work for some of the UK’s biggest drinks brands on their content & social media strategy before coming to Shreddy in early 2022.

A social media trend you’re loving at the moment?
I know it’s controversial but I actually love the shift over to Instagram Reels; keeping an eye on trending audios is a part of my morning routine at this point. I think it really provides an opportunity (particularly for smaller accounts but larger ones also) to have their brand discovered.

My whole philosophy around social media marketing is to provide a TON of value that is relevant to your specific demographic, meet the consumer where they’re at in their journey and be an asset to them. So on Shreddy each week we will do fun, relatable fitness & recipe reels, paired with trending audios and they absolutely smash it.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
I would have to say the latest fitness challenge we have launched on Shreddy. We re-strategized for this one and put lots of work into finding the right mix of 1. keeping the content fresh and valuable to the audience but also 2. converting our audience into sales. It’s a fine balance and too much promotion can turn an audience off whilst not enough promotion has no real impact on the bottom line.

So we really put work into how to do this resulting in our biggest challenge ever. The most sign-ups we’ve ever had for a challenge and 10k new customers in just over a week. Plus, we hit 207k followers along the way!

Find out more about what goes on with the Shreddy team on our CEO, Shan Hanif's YouTube channel 👇

Advice for someone who wants to work in the social media industry?
I would say just go out there and get experience. So many people want to do social media marketing but it's not what most people expect. It’s one of those jobs that you really need to LOVE because you cannot get away from social media, it’s a part of our daily lives now so make sure it is the right fit for you.

If you’re struggling to get your foot in the door because you don’t have experience, do the work for yourself as a hobby alongside another job. Create a new Instagram account with a specific focus/niche and get to work creating content, strategizing & growing the account.

Starting from zero is HARD but you will learn a lot along the way which will help you nail any interview!

Your fav creator right now?
I follow the biggest range of creators so that’s a really difficult question. Here are a few that I’m following religiously right now... Milena Ciciotti for all things family life, Maddie Grace Jepson on TikTok for comedy and memes, GirlBossTown on TikTok for campaign & marketing predictions, Olivia Laura on IG for tall girl style, Emily D Baker on YouTube for my criminal law fix (I did law at A-Level & 1 year at Uni so I definitely have a bit of law nerd side).