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Meet The Team: Daisy Hart, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager - SHREDDY

Shreddy's Senior Influencer Marketing Manager, Daisy, handles all of the influencer activity for Shreddy, from athlete and affiliate programs, to one-off partnerships, while also working on managing the Shreddy influencer strategy.

Molly Rees
January 27, 2023
2 min
Meet The Team: Daisy Hart, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager - SHREDDY

What do you do at Genflow?

I am the Senior Influencer Marketing Manager for SHREDDY. My role means that I handle all of the influencer activity for SHREDDY, from our athlete and affiliate programme, to one-off partnerships, and work on developing our strategy, executing it, and managing the relationships with all of our lovely influencers.

I have always been passionate about health and fitness and so marrying my experience in influencer marketing with such an amazing brand was a dream come true for me.

We have lots of really exciting things happening in 2023 that I can’t wait for everyone to see, so it’s a really fun time to be working on SHREDDY!

What were you doing prior to Genflow?

Before my role at Genflow I worked at a couple of different agencies as an account manager, working on influencer marketing campaigns for a variety of different brands including Next, Pandora, Kelloggs, EE & Nespresso. I loved my role but always knew I wanted to work on a brand/brands in the fitness industry, so when the role at Genflow/SHREDDY came up I knew I just had to apply, and luckily I got the job!

Your superpower?

My role involves a lot of organisation, planning, and generally just staying on top of things so I’d say my superpower is my organisational skills - I really love a list!

Your career goal for 2023?

My goal is to grow SHREDDY’s athlete and affiliate programme and continue to make sure that we are leading the way with our exciting, engaging, and on-trend influencer content!

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Your top advice for working in the influencer marketing industry in 2023?

This is such an exciting time to be working in influencer marketing. So many brands have woken up to the power of influencers, and so my top tip for working in the industry right now would be to know your trends! Every brand wants to become the next viral TikTok sensation, so it’s an amazing excuse to spend a lot of your time on TikTok and Instagram looking at what other creators and brands are doing, and seeing how you can replicate it, if not better it for your own influencer campaigns!

Your fav creator right now?

I love @_emilysworld - her content is so positive and uplifting, not to mention she was a joy to work with on our SHREDDER protein bar launch! I am also trying to make my puppy @smolivethesausage the next big Instagram sensation so of course I have to include her too (apologies for the shameless plug).