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LGBTQIA+ Creators Who Are Breaking The Boundaries

Happy Pride Month! Let's celebrate some creators who are trailblazing in the industry.

Ella White
June 7, 2022
3 min

One of the best things about social media is its ability to connect like-minded people from all over the world, and allow them to spread messages that might otherwise have been ignored or unheard.  

The evidence of this has been rife in the past few years, from the rise of the BLM movement to the development of global LGBTQIA+ communities supporting each other as they traverse their own unique journeys.

And though not everyone has the ability or the inclination to be outspoken about their personal lives, we love a creator that dares to break boundaries. So today we’re celebrating 6 LGBTQIA+ who are making an impact in their communities, both online and in real life.

1. Munroe Bergdorf

Model and activist Munroe Bergdorf is a true boundary breaker. Appointed as the first-ever transgender model for a L’Oreal campaign, LGBT adviser to the Labour Party, and an advocate for the UN’s #DrawALine campaign, she’s truly outspoken in all the best ways.

Follow Munroe and you’ll get a touch of glamor alongside LGBTQIA+ advocacy, and insights into race politics. Trust us: you’ll leave her page feeling better educated each time.

2. Maya / Sebastian Noir

Bigender model Maya / Sebastian Noir offers advice, advocacy, and insight into life as a gender-fluid person. Their openness and kindness infiltrates their page and helps their 35k followers know they aren’t alone.

Follow Noir for an uplifting look into the life of a trans advocate whose DMs are ‘open for unconditional love’.

3. Florence Given

Illustrator, writer, and activist Florence Given is best known for her first book, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, which was published in 2020. She also gained 300,000 signatures on a petition to cancel the Netflix series Insatiable, which she accused of fat-shaming. Plus, we just signed Florence as a Genflow creator and will be working with her on a very exciting apparel brand.

Following Florence will bring your feed a dose of style, education, and social activism. What more could you ask for from an LGBTQIA+ icon?

5. Schuyler Bailar

Schuyler, better known as @pinkmantaray, is the first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer. But they’re probably better known for their iconic educational videos. On Instagram, Bailar covers topics from gender and allyship to race and gun control.

Following Schuyler makes for an easy step-by-step education around transgender issues and rights, with a healthy dose of humor thrown into the mix.

6. Kenny Ethan Jones

Writer and LGBT advocate Kenny Ethan Jones began his journey as a creator through his modeling, but soon developed a taste for advocacy. And now, he’s one of the best-known voices in the LGBTQIA+ social community. His posts are honest, empathetic, and aim to encourage a more inclusive space for trans people to connect and discuss their experiences.

Follow Kenny for some of the most transparent trans advocacy out there – with some top book reccs dotted in between.

Here are some other LGBTQIA+ creators we are championing this month.