Creator Economy

How To Become A Creator

You're only six steps away from pursuing your dreams of becoming the next Lilly Singh or Casey Neistat... Our six-step beginners guide to becoming a successful creator.

Emma Smallwood
October 4, 2022
5 min

If you've ever let concerns about the saturated creator industry stop you from pursuing your dreams of creating content and building a valuable community of social media followers, then keep on reading... This is our 5-step beginners guide to becoming a successful creator.

First of all, let's clear something up... There IS space for you in the Creator Economy and no… it’s not too late to become a successful creator! It's time to let go of those limiting beliefs and start understanding your true potential and that you have the same right as any to build your online following, and allow your personal brand to flourish on social media.

The Creator Economy has become a $100 billion dollar industry – almost overnight. And it’s projected to become a $1 trillion dollar industry very soon.

We understand that often, the most challenging part of getting started in the creator space is figuring out what your personal brand is and which niche you want to sit in. So let's jump right into our 5-step beginner's guide to becoming a successful creator.

Step #1 - Study social media like you're studying for a degree
The internet is overflowing with a pool of knowledge yet to be learned about social media. There's also an endless amount of online courses overflowing with expert learnings to make you the master of social media and the creator economy as a whole. Learn everything you can about algorithms, trends, and other creators.

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Step #2 - Find a unique niche and show it off in an original way
Discovering your niche and sharing that with the world can be easy for some, but quite a daunting experience for others, especially if you're not 100% sure on how you want to share your niche with your online community. A quick tip here is to ask yourself, "What makes you different from the 5 million other creators in your industry?"

When looking to find a niche, it essentially means you are finding a very specific, main focus within a larger market to create content around.

Some examples of niches could be cooking, home gardening, makeup and skincare, health and fitness, etc. And there are even more specific and narrowed-down niches that you can discover and choose to target specific audiences, and specific people with specific interests and problems.

Larger niches, on the other hand, are typically considered industries, such as lifestyle, gaming, marketing, beauty, health, art, etc. In these niches, there are many different angles, and focuses you could potentially have.

Genflow creator, Brandon Harding discovered his niche in the health and fitness game and has now amassed almost 800k Instagram followers and just short of 700k YouTube subscribers, sharing his love for the industry across social media. This then led to us working closely with Brandon to build his Hardbody brand, delivering clothing and fitness equipment to his loyal audience. Something you can do too!

Step #3 - Put yourself in the mindset of your audience
At the end of the day, everything boils down to your audience. So, if you’re building your online community with them in mind, you’ll be led by who your audience is, what they think and feel, where they’re based, how you can help them, and so on.

When you think about this, it makes sense. All the major creators out there have nailed their audience and created personalized content experiences aimed directly at them.

At Genflow, we believe in the Audience-first Approach, something our Founder and CEO, Shan Hanif first developed in 2016, and built the structure of the company around. The Audience-first Approach means building your online community and following, "first," before launching any business you want to build and share with your community. This creates a foolproof strategy for launching a business that will sell out upon launch.

Catch more of the amazing Genflow Team on our CEO, Shan Hanif'sYouTube channel. 👇

Step #4 - Put your pride aside and take a risk
You don't make an impact without putting yourself out there, trying new things outside of the 'safe' zone, and provoking conversations. To do this, you have to quieten that voice inside of you that is telling you it's too "scary" to build a presence on social media, or that producing content you are passionate about is too "cringe," or that people will judge you.

People will always have something to say, especially if you are starting out in your career, and taking that first step will always be the scariest or the most daunting. But once you've stayed consistent with your approach and content, you'll soon be on your way to building a successful creator career, and those who may have once judged you, will be queuing up to buy your latest product or like your latest social media post.

Step #5 - Don't overthink everything
In the words of one of the greatest sports brands to exist... Just Do It!

Stop yourself before you start overthinking into WHY you SHOULDN'T do something and just do it!

According to a study by the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, overthinking or ruminating can take a serious toll on your well-being. Overthinking wastes time and drains precious energy. Overthinkers have trouble trusting themselves, and there's no room for that here!

You may be afraid to make the wrong decision, so you take too long to make a choice. When you find yourself overthinking a career choice, you tend to rely more on rational decision-making than your instincts.

There is value in listening to that little voice inside of you, yes. But don't be afraid to let go of what you can't control and learn to trust your intuition and go with your gut. If it doesn’t work out, at least you acted and learned from the experience. You can't avoid failure before you succeed.

Remember: there is no such thing as an "overnight success," and becoming a full-time content creator is not an easy task. It takes time, hard work, dedication, and more than a one-off viral post.

But with a solid vision and motivation to stay consistent, along with an engaged community and multiple streams of revenue, you’ll be a success!

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