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How A Digital Detox Can Improve Your Business Game

If you’re curious about going offline and if it can bring you any work-life balance, then these tips are for you.

Emma Smallwood
June 22, 2021
3 min

By: Emma Smallwood, Social Media Executive

The term digital detox might seem like a 21st century digital paradox, especially if you’re working directly within the digital field. It’s easy to feel like wanting to take time away from your screens, or away from social media, in particular.

But this can leave you at a digital disadvantage.

As a business owner, you don’t have enough time to check up on competitors, to catch the latest social media trends, and find content to share in this never-ending stream of notifications.

But, what if a little time away from social media and falling into a black hole of endless scrolling, was actually incredibly beneficial for you and your business game?

How to tell if you’re in need of a digital detox…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel compelled to check your phone every few minutes.
  • Your FOMO is real when you’re not constantly checking your social channels.
  • You often find yourself staying up later than planned after scrolling through your phone.
  • You have trouble concentrating on the task at hand without checking your phone.

If any of the above set off little (iPhone) alarm bells in your head, then you might be interested in hearing 5 of the most beneficial reasons to unplug...

Increased Productivity

Whether at work, out with friends, or just enjoying some relaxation time, the light up of your phone screen is enough to draw your attention away from whatever you’re doing in an instant, significantly reducing your productivity.

You can’t reach that golden flow state of productivity when you’re constantly distracted by notifications.

And, it’s not just your phone. Try turning notifications off on your Apple watch, or other devices near to you, and watch your focus and concentration soar!

Mental Clarity

Akin to creating a distraction-free environment, digital detoxes can boost your general peace of mind. It’s no secret that excessive use of digital devices has been shown to have an impact on our health. Constant connectivity can benefit our lives, but it can also cause stress.

By unplugging from the digital world, and swapping time spent online for exercise and socialising, you’ll be able to direct your thoughts toward other aspects of your life and career, and mentally prepare for what’s next.

More Free Time

Did you know the average person’s thumb travels the equivalent of two marathons a year scrolling through social media?

It got us thinking, if you have time to get lost in TikTok, scroll through Reels and refresh your Facebook timeline, then you definitely have enough time to work on that side hustle and develop ideas for your own business. Remember this the next time you tap on that Instagram app.

Better Sleep

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of tech abstinence is better sleep. It might seem trivial to check your phone just before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up. But it creates a lot of stress in your sub-conscience.

Electronic back-lit devices like phones and laptops emit blue light, which has been shown to reduce or delay the natural production of melatonin in the evening and decrease the feeling of sleepiness.

Try making your sleep space a screen-free zone or make 'night time' mode on your phone your new best friend. Read a book, educate yourself through outlets other than your devices and watch your sleep improve. The benefits of a better sleep rhythm or endless.

Improved Relationships

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you might be suffering from “comparisonitis”, a cumulative effect caused by overexposure to perfectly polished social media profiles and feeds.

When comparing our business or lives to others, we waste precious energy which could be better spent on reaching our goals.

On top of that, the act of being on your phone constantly can distract you from what is happening around you. Be in the moment. Concentrate on the conversations around you. Network. Use your environment as a tool to gain insight and ideas for your business or side hustle.

And a little message for all the social media managers out there who are screaming, “but it’s my job!”: try this handy trick for when you’re needing to keep a check on social media, but in desperate need of a detox.

Create a separate social media account. No, not for stalking purposes. Instead, use this account to follow inspirational accounts outside of your usual follow list on your personal account. This way, you’re staying connected to the digital world without going cold turkey with the fear of missing out!

While going device-free might seem challenging, temporary breaks from the high-tech world can work magic and be hugely beneficial to your mindset, helping you reach your business goals.

Take a little time away from your devices and allow yourself to create a new space ready to return with energy and fresh ideas.

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