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Happy Birthday To Us: Our 6 Biggest Moments Of The Last 6 Years

Happy Birthday, Genflow! We're celebrating our 6 biggest moments of the last 6 years at Genflow.

Shitika Anand
October 17, 2022
2 min

To honour our 6th birthday this week, we’ve been reminiscing on our biggest moments from the past 6 years. From signing some of the best creators to building apps that top the App store, we have been busy around here. We started as a company of 3 in 2016 (including our founder), and today we're a team of 110+ around the world, making some serious impact on how creators monetize, create content and build their own business. Since we're in the mood to reminisce...

Here are 6 of our biggest moments from the past 6 years:

🔥We raised $11 million in Series A of fundraise from BGF. In Jan 2021, right in the middle of a terribly turbulent time in the industry in the middle of a pandemic, we showed the world how the creator industry is only just starting to grow.

🎉 We have been helping creators monetize their content and audience since day 1. When we launched Genflow in 2016, we realized the power of creators and their audience on social media and started helping them build their brands. We have worked with 100s of creators in the last 6 years and helped launch physical products, fashion brands, digital products, beauty products, online courses, lifestyle accessories, merchandise, and so much more.

🔥We launched our creator management business - Genflow Creators Agency - to help creators partner with the biggest global brands. We have worked with Google, Fenty, Skims, Kylie Cosmetics, Gymshark, Dior and Chanel on some incredible campaigns and it’s only getting bigger.

🎉We launched our Web3 business this year: Genv3rse helps creators build communities and brands in the Web3 space using blockchain technology. Our Web3 team also attended NFT.NYC and VEECON in the US.

🔥 We’re a global company of 100+ employees with team members working from 6 different countries and HQ in London and Los Angeles. When we started the company in 2016, it was just our CEO and 2 other team members doing everything from working on the tech, doing digital marketing, signing clients, and taking care of all customer service demands. It’s amazing to see how far we have come...

🎉 Hosting global events across the world for our creators. We went to Madison Square Garden for a big fight night with Anthony Joshua, launched the BN_D X Jordyn Woods collaboration in Los Angeles, and hosted the main stage for Shreddy at Dubai Active 2021.

Happy Birthday To Us!

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