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Creators who have taken up mainstream jobs

Here are 5 of our favorite creators who have moved into ‘mainstream’ jobs away from social media.

Ella White
November 3, 2022
4 min

It seems like the whole world wants to be a creator these days – and who can blame them? Setting your own hours, creating content that’s authentic to you, and running your own brand all seem like massive perks of the job. And that’s before we get into the potential salary you can rake in.  

So we’re always interested to see successful creators turning to mainstream job roles. Okay – so maybe not entirely mainstream. We don’t see Zoella taking up a shift at Mcdonald's or Hudda Kattan downing the brushes in favor of an admin role any time soon.

But when we spot a creator branching into a new role in the spotlight, it highlights the potential opportunities that a career as a creator can lead to. Here are some of our favorite creators who have moved into ‘mainstream’ jobs away from social media.

Emma Chamberlain

From taking a social media hiatus to hosting the Met Gala, Emma Chamberlain’s career move might not count as mainstream, but it definitely had us impressed. Hosting for Vogue and interviewing celebs as they walked the red carpet, Emma had only attended the Met Gala once before – just eight months earlier.

Her experience as a Youtuber and social media star made her the perfect choice for Vogue’s on-camera interviews: she’d already proven herself as the perfect candidate for the role, without even applying. It just goes to show that even when you think you’ve landed your dream job, you could still be paving the way for even greater things.

Addison Rae

TikTok star to movie star: Addison Rae has scored the career side-step that so many creators dream of. Signing a deal with Netflix and starring in ‘He’s All That’ – a remake of the classic ‘She’s All That’ – proves that making an impression on social media can lead to great things.

She even stars as an ‘influencer’ in the movie itself. And with the movie expected to reach over 55 million households, it’s likely that her real-life following will grow even further as a result.

Steph Hui

Genflow Talent creator Steph Hui recently starred in the Samsung | Google advert with Addison Rae, where the pair are seen dancing at a house party. Hui recently hit 1 million followers on her TikTok beauty channel, which she only launched a year ago.

Her rise to success proves that you don’t have to have been around since the beginning of social media to rise to the top as a creator – or even to carve your way into a totally new industry. All you need is an authentic sense of self, a strong brand, and fun, engaging content.

Logan Paul

From Youtube to boxing to NFT king, Logan Paul’s career ambition seemingly knows no bounds. And while sitting behind the camera is surely a safer option than taking to the ring against some of the sport’s best-known champions, it wouldn’t be in Paul’s nature to take the easy route.

One of the first creators to make such a drastic career change, Logan’s move into boxing shows that making a name for yourself online is a good stepping stone into almost any arena you’re interested in. Even the sports fans that want to see him fail are, inadvertently, boosting his cred as a headline-making boxer.

At Genflow, we work with Logan for his Maverick collection.


Speaking of creators-turned-boxers, few have made such an impressive career side-step as KSI. As a rapper, his music career has seen him headline the SSE Arena, Wembley and take to the main stage of Reading Festival. While his next step into the boxing ring – where he called on Paul to fight him following his first match against fellow Youtuber Joe Weller – took off just as rapidly.

The pay-per-view match between KSI and Logan Paul was hailed ‘the biggest internet event ever’... and it also led to yet another career move for the pair. This time, launching their shared drinks company, Prime.

So, next time someone tells you that being a content creator isn’t a ‘real’ career choice, you can show them these success stories.

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