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5 Creators Who Are Jumping into NFTs

Top 5 creators in the NFT and Web3 space

Ella White
September 7, 2022
4 min

Though those in the know will have been on the NFT bandwagon since 2018, it’s only in the past year the non fungible tokens have really gained mainstream popularity. And while the scene has been filled with its own creators since day one, now more and more social media and internet personalities are getting in on the trend.

Why are creators getting involved in NFTs?

The value of NFTs is ever-increasing, so it's no surprise that creators – and anyone involved with digital culture – would be interested in dipping their toe in the water. It’s the next step after investing in crypto and, as we’ve seen from events like VeeCon this year, the value of investing in NFTs is sky high. So why wouldn’t creators want to increase their value and their clout by creating and buying NFTs in the company of stars like Snoop Dogg and Madonna?

How will NFTs impact the creator economy?

For creators happy to continue as they were, it might seem that NFTs will have no effect on their business at all. But with a rise in NFT-ticketed events and NFT trading in place of regular cash payments, all creators should be staying on top of the latest progressions on the scene.

Creators should be aware of the value of NFTs, and may even want to dip their toe into some investments of their own if they want to be seen as experts or leaders in the crypto space.

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Which creators are jumping into NFTs?

Earlier this year, VeeCon – an NFT-ticketed event for the crypto world – saw more creators than ever among its audience and speaker line up. It was a clear indicator that NFTs aren’t just for the experts anymore. They’re for everyone. So if you want to look to other creators for some NFT inspo, you need look no further than these five.

1. Logan Paul

Logan Paul has invested over $4 million in his 2,500-piece collection of NFTs, which is now believed to be worth over $4.85 million. He’s thought to have one of the most valuable catalogs of NFTs around – ranking 4th among global celebrity NFT collectors – and is the owner of some of the rarest and most expensive tokens from Veefriends and Cryptozoo.

He takes his collection seriously, having turned down a $700,000 offer for his favorite CryptoPunks NFT and earning a staggering $535,000 in the sale of his World of Women NFT.

Though you need serious cash to invest in NFTs like Logan Paul, he’s a shining example of how getting involved in the trend early has paid dividends.

2. Khaby Lame

TikTok’s most followed creator, Khaby Lame, is expanding his talents into the world of NFTs. Recently announced as the new face of Binance, he’s set to launch his own collections of NFTs and will feed the topic back into his own content by creating videos that debunk myths around Web3.

There’s already a collection of Khaby Lame NFTs on OpenSea, so we’re looking forward to seeing what Lame’s only 146-piece collection will look like – and how he will respond in his signature silent style to some of Web3’s most disparaging rumors.

3. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan has taken a somewhat unique stance on NFTs: she’s opening up about how the tokens can be used to empower women. Huda considers NFTs to be a step towards the democratization of wealth, and encourages other women – and anyone who hasn’t yet explored the NFT world – to get involved themselves.

Rather than placing a barrier between NFT investors and others, Huda is an inclusive spokesperson who breaks down the basics of NFTs – making something that can seem incredibly complex and exclusionary seem as easy as uploading a video to TikTok.

4. Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid isn’t just into NFTs: she’s creating them. CY-B3LLA is Bella’s 11,111-piece collection of exclusive NFTs which she says “serve as your passport to this new world.”

The NFTs will be unique designs picturing Bella Hadid developed by 10 different creatives in partnership with reBASE What sets CY-B3LLA apart from other NFT collections is its vision to hold global events that gives NFT owners the chance to be introduced to a 3D version of the model herself.

5. Farokh

Though he’s not a creator of NFTs himself, Farokh is fast becoming one of the internet’s most trusted sources for information and news about NFTs. He’s the owner of several popular tokens and runs Rug Radio, a place for his 236K followers to catch up on what’s new in the world of crypto.

And with the rise of NFTs going strong, more and more creators dedicated specifically to sharing and creating content related to NFTs just keeps growing. Who are your favorite NFT creators?

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