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5 creators to watch out for on TikTok

Sugarcoated Sisters, Leana Deeb, Emily Mariko and more...

Ella White
August 8, 2022
3 min

We all have our favorite TikTok stars, but one of the undeniable benefits of the algorithm is how often we discover new creators that quickly join our list of must-watch videos.

From music to comedy to beauty, there are thousands, if not millions, of creators out there to appeal to all themes and tastes. But right now, we’re obsessed with these five.

Sugarcoated Sisters

Sisters Chloe and Tabby launched their musical comedy TikTok after they were both dumped. Their videos feature the pair singing and acting along to songs about romance and heartbreak, as well as cultural satire.

And with TikTok’s parent company ByteDance filing a trademark application for a service called “TikTok Music”, things might be looking to take off even further for the musical sisters. If the platform launches its own streaming service, artists creating their content on TikTok could stand to increase their discovery rates thanks to the powerful algorithm. But with 401.6K Followers and 7M Likes and a show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Sugarcoated Sisters are doing alright as it is.

Leana Deeb

TikToker and GCA creator Leana Deeb shares real, unfiltered insights into her training and fitness regime. Accessible and inclusive, she talks about how to train different parts of the body, how to eat healthily, and even her workout looks without ever alienating her audience or making her routines feel unattainable.

Leana’s following has grown from 40K last year to almost 10 million today, proving that relatable and useful fitness content is the way forward on TikTok.

Emily Mariko

When it comes to food and lifestyle, we want to live like Emily Mariko. Her daily meals, home decor, and personal style are life goals personified. But unlike some more exclusive creators, Emily delivers her content in an accessible way that makes you feel like you’re friends – and that you really could share her enviable but attainable lifestyle.

With 11.6M Followers and 528.2M Likes, it’s likely that Emily Mariko is already a regular feature on your fyp.

Chris Grave

Tiktok is famous for its beauty trends, which seem to evolve daily if not faster. But one of our favorite creators for unique and creative makeup looks is Chris Grave. From bold looks to classic palettes to tips on how to do your hair and make-up without causing damage to your locks, Chris’s profile is a one stop shop for everything you need to know about beauty.

All delivered with his own signature twist, we think Chris’ makeup artistry deserves its spot on global runways. And it’s no surprise he already has 428.1K Followers and 15.8M Likes.

Victor Kunda
If you’re on TikTok for the laughs, then you should be following Victor Kunda. Known for his straight-faced satire, London-based Kunda nails his observational comedy, which ranges from responses to other creators’ videos to his own work, music, and youth culture.

With 592K Followers and 44.9M Likes already, we think Victor is one of the hottest TikTok comedy stars to watch right now.

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