Creator Economy

4 Creators To Follow On Linkedin

Here are four creators on Linkedin doing it right and building a very solid following on the platform.

Shitika Anand
September 29, 2022
4 min

We already know LinkedIn to be a great platform for professional network building and scaling in your career. But in the last few months, LinkedIn has jumped on the creator economy train and now offers its 756 million users an option to be a creator on the platform.

Its newly launched Creator mode is designed to encourage users to post more of their own content, similar to how TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube work. It allows users to grow their following and increase engagement by displaying their original content.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has evolved from a job-seeking platform to a place for industry news, business advice, and a place to engage with fellow professionals. The introduction of creator mode is another step in LinkedIn’s ongoing evolution.

Here are four creators on Linkedin doing it right and building a very solid following on the platform.

Jordan Schwarzenberger

The manager of Sidemen, the UK's biggest and most influential group of creators, Jordan Schwarzenberger is also the co-founder of management company, Arcade Media, and is the man behind launching Side+, Sides, and XIX Vodka. Hailing from the team at VICE and LADbible, Jordan's career has taken quite an entrepreneurial turn, and he's now telling other creators (and their management) how to stand out in this very noisy space of content creation. Jordan's posts on LinkedIn are all focussed on Sidemen and their strategies on YouTube, but he also uses it to connect with other video and content creators.

Pretty Little Marketer

Fairly new to LinkedIn, this social media and marketing agency aims to provide a strong community for other marketers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who want to be educated and empowered to survive and thrive in the world of social media marketing. Launched by Sophie Miller in June 2020, this page provides tips, news, insights, and tricks on how to make your social pages stand out and how brands can perfect their short-form video game. Perhaps too pink and pretty for every brand's aesthetic, but this page on LinkedIn will soon be popping up on all your feeds as its seen incredible growth in the last few months.

Matt Navarra

With almost 30K followers on LinkedIn and over 20,000 subscribers to his dedicated social media and tech newsletter, Matt Navarra is not a newbie to the world of having a voice on LinkedIn. As part of his day job, he consults clients like Google, BBC, ITV, United Nations, International Red Cross, Monzo, and Pinterest on how to brand themselves on social media. But when he gets a moment or two, he shares the breaking news in the world of social media, marketing, and tech with his LinkedIn community, so you don't need to keep tabs on what's happening. He's very quickly become the go-to for all social media marketing news, whether it's a new Instagram feature or the best new app in the market for editing a video for YouTube Shorts.

Julius Dein

With over 70 million followers across all social media channels, Julius Dein must be doing something right. Julius is a part-time world traveling social media street magician, and since his growth across YouTube, TikTok & LinkedIn, he's now building a content team to help him maintain the average of 100 million+ views per day on the internet. On LinkedIn, expect him to share stories from his personal creator journey (always inspiring to read other people's struggles and growth), and advice for other young creator entrepreneurs in the game.