3 Ways Genflow Helps Creators Monetize

We believe having an audience is the most powerful asset in the world, and here are three ways we help creators scale and be the biggest brand they can be.

Shitika Anand
September 14, 2022
3 min

Genflow is a leading all-in-one platform for creators. We have been helping creators monetize their audience and build their own brands since 2016. We believe having an audience is the most powerful asset in the world, and here's how we help creators scale and be the biggest brand they can be.

Genflow Helps Creators Make And Sell Content

When we first started working with creators in 2016, we knew they had the power at their fingertips. We started working with Grace Beverley on her own training program and resistance bands (B_ND Grace Fit). This was in 2017 when creator brands and DTC marketing were an unheard phenomenon. Now, Grace is a serial entrepreneur with two hugely successful businesses and we work with her on her own fitness app, Shreddy.

Today when we work with our creators, we approach their brand from a 360-degree level. We look at what their audience will respond best to, what type of content they should be creating to promote the physical or digital product, as well as what marketing is needed after the product is released. We have an in-house team that analyses every piece of the creator's content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, and then guides them creatively to deliver the best ROI and meet all the brand's ROI.

Everything is analyzed and tested: thumbnails, graphics, trending audios, and video titles. As we take on the content creation responsibility, we enable our creators to focus on scaling their audiences across social platforms.

Every platform also comes with different monetization logistics and we are the experts in understanding which platform is best suited for a creator.

Genflow Helps Creators Sell Businesses

Whether it's a digital product like Iman Gadzhi's Grow Your Agency, or a sustainable swimwear brand like Jumelle by Elisha & Renee Herbert, we are in the business of understanding what every creator should launch next. We understand their audience profile, their value in the market, and what their audience really needs.

We have an in-house tech and design team who work on digital apps for all our creators. Our product team has the infrastructure set around them to work with sustainable factories across Asia, Europe, and the US, and produce some of the best fashion brands for creators out there.

As creators focus on growing their audience, we work behind the scenes to help them get paid from views, brands, and sponsorships. It's time to start building something creators actually own, create a legacy, and build equity value.

Genflow helps Creators Partner With The Best Brands

At Genflow, we have our own creator management agency called GCA (Genflow Creators Agency). We work with TikTok and Instagram's most compelling and creative storytellers and help them partner with global brands.

We launched our management business in 2021 which was originally known as Genflow Talent, and after 18 very successful months, we have officially relaunched to GCA with HQs in London and Los Angeles.

At GCA, we provide creators with a complete infrastructure to build impactful careers and work towards the ultimate goal of ownership.

If you want to learn more about how Genflow helps creators, click here.