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10 Black Creators You Should Follow On Social Media

At Genflow, we believe in the power of creators, so for Black History Month, we're highlighting 10 black creators who are changing the social media game that you need to be following.

Molly Rees
October 5, 2022
5 min

Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame)

Instagram: 80.3M TikTok: 150.2M

If you’ve not heard of Khaby Lame, you are living under a social media rock. In 2022 the Italian TikTok star took Charli D’Amelio’s crown as the the number 1 most followed creator on the platform, now with over 150 million followers. His hilarious silent comedy videos are universally relatable and for perfect for a quick laugh.

Maria Beltre (@looseunicorns)

Instagram: 439K TikTok: 165K

Get your Instagram fashion fix with Genflow creator Maria Beltre. Maria starting her creator journey on Tumblr before making the transition over to Instagram (all while still in high school), and has now amassed a following of over 439K on the platform. From casual sweatsuits to vintage tees, to cool girl maternity style, you’re going to be as obsessed with her street style looks as we are.

Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o)

Instagram: 2.5M TikTok: 1.3M

If you’re looking for a laugh, Elsa Marimba has you covered. In just two years, Elsa has gained 2.5 million followers on Instagram, thanks to her hilarious viral videos filmed from her bedroom in Nairobi, consisting of hysterical straight-talking monologues, all while eating chips and completing her look with tiny 90s sunglasses. Fun fact; the self-proclaimed ICON is also a 15x chess champion.


Instagram: 12.2M TikTok: 9.9M YouTube: 33M

Genflow creator JJ Olatunji, also known as KSI, has been a pioneer in the creator industry, starting his YouTube channel in 2009 with mainly gaming content, but growing to be one of the largest creators on the scene in 2022. With over 12 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 33 million combined subscribers on his two YouTube channels, KSI has participated in YouTube boxing events, released hit singles, started multiple business ventures including a drinks brand, Prime, with Logan Paul, and sports brand, Misfits Boxing, powered by Genflow. In 2020, The Times named KSI Britain's biggest influencer, so if you’re not following him already, you really should be!

Nzinga Young (@veganzinga)

Instagram: 101K TikTok: 83.9K

Calling all vegans! With over 101K followers on Instagram, and over 80K followers on TikTok, Nzinga Young is a food blogger on the rise that you need to know about. On her socials you’ll find a plethora of vegan recipes and restaurant reviews, plus relatable content all based around her vegan lifestyle.

MissDarcei (@missdarcei)

Instagram: 175K TikTok: 581K YouTube: 2.22M

Toronto-based make-up creator Darcei has been creating beauty content for more than a decade, but has blown up in 2022 due in part to YouTube Shorts, quickly gaining over 2 million subscribers on the platform. From her Shorts testing viral make-up products and hacks to see if they actually work, to her incredibly popular “Black Girl Tries” series, Darcei's videos are a must-watch, plus drop her a follow for her essential make-up tips, and thoughts on all things beauty.

Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm)

Instagram: 2.2M TikTok: 8.6M

Dive into world of luxury fashion with American model and content creator Wisdom Kaye. Wisdom first found fame in 2020 when he posted a viral “Vogue Challenge” TikTok, and within 6 months he had gained over 2 million followers on the platform. You NEED to check out his viral series where he creates high-fashion outfits based on Marvel characters. Plus, he’s been called “the best dressed guy on TikTok” by Vogue - if that’s not a good enough reason to give him a follow, what is?

Jordyn Woods (@jordynwoods)

Instagram: 12.6M TikTok: 1.2M

Add some glamour to your Instagram feed with Genflow creator Jordyn Woods. The gorgeous pictures of her LA lifestyle will have you obsessed, and her plus-size fashion content will have you immediately needing some retail therapy.

Janea Brown (@jnaydaily)

Instagram: 198K TikTok: 2K YouTube: 197K

Known for her home and lifestyle content, Los Angeles-based creator Janea Brown is a must-follow for anyone who loves interior design and healthy living. From lazy girl recipes, fashion, body positivity, interior design, wellness, and so much more, there’s something for everyone in Janea’s content. Her YouTube vlogs, especially her “Healing Diaries” series are the perfect self-care watch, inspiring people to live their best lives through keeping a happy home and a healthy mind.

Christopher Griffin (@plantkween)

Instagram: 368K TikTok: 16.9K

Christopher Griffin, also know as Plant Kween, is a queer non-binary creator from Brooklyn who is obsessed with one thing - plants! On their Instagram you can find everything you would ever want to know about being a plant parent, educating their followers with so much joy and enthusiasm it radiates through the screen. Even if you’re not a plant lover yourself, they’ll definitely put a smile on your face - see them as your digital wellness tonic!