Create your own line of products

We help influencers to design and manufacture their own branded products. We don’t print ready-made clothing. You create your own unique product, custom-made and manufactured for you in our factory. Everything is customisable from the design and fit to the colour and material. All packaging can be completely customised with your logo and inserts for the best user experience!


Work with our team of designers to create a line of products that your followers will love.


Pick your own colours! We custom-make any material or product in the exact colourway that you want.


Want cropped, oversized or slim? We manufacture products from scratch so that you can create your own perfect fit.

Recent product launches

Jessica Olie



Matt & yoga strap

Natacha Oceane



Mocean Resistance Bands

Andrei Deiu



Father of Gains Clothing

How does it work?

We can help you build your own line of merchandise, from the initial designs to manufacturing and fulfilment. We manage the whole process for you. This is how it works:

  1. We discuss what you would like and create initial designs for you.
  2. Next we source your materials and colours. You will receive samples of your materials and colours so that you can review them yourself. If there are any alteration necessary, we will make them until your materials and colours are exactly as you want.
  3. We will show you the full range of your final products, in each size, colour etc.
  4. Once the quantities are agreed, the manufacturing process for all of the products will begin.
  5. Meanwhile we will build your website through the AFLETE platform that you will use to sell your products.
  6. Finally, we will stock and deliver your products to your customers for you!

Want to build your business?

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