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We have mastered the art of storytelling through purposeful content creation that delivers real results for your brand. Our primary goal is to achieve the best possible ROI by using a multi-level marketing execution strategy that will assist in influencing conversions and increase brand sales.

Our team has an abundance of experience in building smaller to big budget campaigns with a high level success rate, supported by actual performance data.


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We develop and execute multi-platform advertising opportunities for influencers to promote their brand and products that elevates their reach to an entire new audience.

Our strategies are all driven by ROI, from retargeting, learning consumer habits to driving repeat business we view advertising as a constant journey of reaching consumers and then building long term relationships between them and the brand.

Most marketing agencies will simply implement the content you provide into a marketing campaign. Not Genflow. Our team is involved from the first phase which includes the actual content creation and scripting that allows us to use our experience in knowing what "actually works" and "drives results".

We run ads across all the following platforms:

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Content Creation, Brand and Strategy

Marketing Campaigns

We build complete marketing campaigns for your brand. Our coordination team source locations, models and organise the shoots to capture all the content needed. We work on PR, events and anything else needed to raise maximum awareness.


We have created thousands of pieces of content for our influencer Instagram posts. We create content in your brand tone of voice that drives a high engagement rate and will lead an increase in sales.


We offer a YouTube management service to our clients. Based on the goals for the channel, we research trending topics, create scripts, detailed video briefs, thumbnails, film and edit the content. This is a complete end to end service created to allow the influencer to focus on the content/marketing only. Our team of YouTube experts will be the supporting engine needed to grow the channel subscribers.


In order to create the perfect visual aesthetic we take all images for you and your brand. From product photos for ecommerce, to photo’s for your social media, brand social media and website we do it all.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We can manage and grow your brands social media accounts.

  • Create all the content
  • Post daily
  • Review analytics and report growth
  • Partnerships and collaborations

Monthly figures:

  • Over 15 Million Impressions
  • Over 5 Million People Reached
  • Over 200k Engagements
  • 50k+ Profile Views
  • 10k+ Click Through To Website
  • Average Audience growth = 26%

News and Culture

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We are here to help build your brand

Your own team of experts

When working with Genflow you get your own team that works for you. As we are partners we treat your brand like it's our own and make sure we are doing everything possible to make it a success. This will allow you to focus on creating more content so you can keep growing your audience and do what you love to do.

Instant communication

You will be able to speak to your team at all times without needing to schedule calls, wait for a time through Whatsapp, Email or Phone!

Advice, help and support

We are here to help you in every way possible. If you need help writing a caption, or the next youtube video idea or help decide the next product range you can count on us.

Weekly and monthly reporting

We send you weekly and monthly updates so you know what is exactly happening with your brand, what things are needed from you and next steps.

Business analysis

Our team analyses the performance of your brand each month by looking at analytics, traffic, retention, repeat buy rate and so much more to build your business strategy.

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