Digital Marketing Manager

What's the Job?

Since we started Genflow we have never done any outbound marketing! We are now ready to start marketing our business to the world and want someone to lead our efforts. This role is for someone who understands social media influencers deeply, the power of launching your own brands and understands how to communicate this. We want to be known in the influencer space as the go-to agency for established influencers to launch their own brands.

What you'll do

  • Work with the CEO on the overall marketing strategy for Genflow
  • Be an expert in all things digital marketing
  • Understand FB Ads and have spent a large budget and can demonstrate this
  • Understanding of what content works best on different social media platforms
  • Promote the business publicly through PR 
  • Attend events to pitch our business (influencer conferences, media events etc)
  • Host online webinars and classes
  • Network with other agencies and people of influence
  • Manage all our digital marketing efforts, such as email, linked in posts, content strategy etc.
  • Create and publish reports about the influencer space from we know internally to be known as experts
  • Analyse the influencer industry
  • Grow the brand in the UK and USA
  • Work with our CEO, Head of Business UK and Head of business US

What’s required

  • 1 years in similar role in greater London
  • Exact experience of managing marketing for another online brand
  • Must have experience of influencer campaigns, influencer marketing and e-commerce businesses
  • What key metrics were achieved? Must be able to show exact examples from idea to launch. (growing followers from 200 – 3000 does not count or an email list)
  • Deep deep knowledge of influencers, influencer talent agencies and digital marketing
  • Understanding of online social media brands and what is happening in 2019
  • Network of people in the industry

What you get

  • A driven content team to work alongside
  • Work in a growing company 
  • Free coffee
  • Free breakfast on Wednesdays
  • Own PC/Mac setup
  • Travel to events worldwide
  • Monthly team socials

Apply for this job

Please email your Resume/CV to