Grace Fit UK

@gracefituk - 1m followers

@Grace Fit UK - 490k subscribers

Together with Grace we pioneered the her fitness guides as one of the first of it’s kind to be released by an influencer back in 2016. The industry was focused on selling Excel and PDF workout programmes so we took this and moved it into a full user experience. This combined the access to visual exercise content in-app, downloadable PDF’s and an online community users could join for tips, conversation and motivation from Grace and all her other users of the GFG guide. This all led to over 60,000+ girls joining the GFG movement. Following this we found there was a gap in the women’s fitness market, the industry was thriving but the there were no market leaders in women’s fitness accessories specifically. Knowing this, we produced GraceFitUK products, with resistance bands being one of her most popular products to go to market to date, over a year later, we’ve sold over 200K units in 2018 alone!

Jessica Olie

@jessicaolie - 634k followers

@Jessica Olie - 27k subscribers

After working with huge brands such as Alo Yoga, featuring in magazines such as Women’s Health and hosting international yoga retreats, Jessica had achieved great success. She had released her own Yoga ebooks but wanted to hone down on her own brand and become a real entrepreneur. At first she was interested in starting some small products to go alongside her ebooks but after discussions we believed she had the potential and audience to rival other Yoga brands out there. We created a line of products that are super high quality, she has now sold 1000’s to date, with all releases selling out in under 60 minutes!

Patricia Bright

@thepatriciabright - 1m followers

@Patricia Bright- 2.7m subscribers

Patricia came to us to take her online business to a new level. We helped Patricia Bright to launch her own online course ‘The Break’. After spending the last 10 years building her online personal brand as the creator behind one of the fastest growing Youtube channels in the UK and attaining a combined digital following to over 3 million, Patricia wanted the opportunity to share her advise, tips and tricks on how to become an influencer and build a social media brand. We help Patricia bring this to life, we created the content and an online platform where members could access a private login area to watch or listen to the full course. Within a few days of launch, 100’s have joined The Break and Patricia continues to build her own business whilst helping other do just that!

Talisa Tossell

@talisa.tossell- 1.2m followers

@Talisa Tossell - 1.7m subscribers

Talisa is the world’s leading Slime influencer with over 1.5 Million followers. She came to us to help her build a business from what she loves doing best, making Slime! Initially we produced 2 x online guides, ‘How to get social media followers’ and ‘How to make Slime’. We built a website with a login area where her customers can watch video content and read through all her tips and tricks. After the success of her digital guides we manufactured Talisa’s first physical products, you guessed it, Slime! With our help from design to manufacturing and producing the promotional material to hype up the launch of her products, she’s sold thousands to date.

Hanna Öeberg

@hannaoeberg- 1.2m followers

@Hanna Öeberg - 358k subscribers

Having known Hanna for some time, she asked us to launch a website for her followers, which included her workout guides. We released a full body guide complete with an accompanying information PDF and access to Hanna’s workouts on the Aflete app.

The Lean Machines

@theleanmachinesofficial- 111k followers

@TheLeanMachines - 430k subscribers

Lean Machines wanted to start selling content online so we helped them setup digital and physical content for their brand on their website. We product and distribute all books for them.

Kate Taylor

@taylorkayteee- 752k followers

@Taylorkayteee - 45k subscribers

She is one of the fastest growing fitness influencers in the industry and wanted to set up her own business. We put together an eBook for Kate that she helped design, along with utilizing our app for her workout content. As part of the release we did a complete photo and video shoot to get all the content ready.

Mike Thurston

@mikethurston- 428k followers

@Mike Thurston - 617k subscribers

Mike came to us to take his online coaching to a new level and start selling information products. We created a transformation course which comes with a members area on his website where people can watch over 50 videos and have access to 18 weeks of training.

Andrei Deiu

@andreideiu_- 1.6m followers

@Andrei Deiu' - 111k subscribers

We manufactured four products for Andrei’s first merchandise release, alongside a brand new website and workout program.

Isabela Fernandez

@belafernandez- 608k followers

@Bela Fernandez - 93k subscribers

We started working with Bela when she had 50K followers and now she is close to 500K followers. During this time we worked with her to setup her online business to start monetising her audience. New projects coming soon.

Natacha Océane

@natacha.oceane- 451k followers

@Natacha Océane - 328k subscribers

Natacha teamed up with a Team GB Olympic Nutritionist to release CUT Training and Nutrition Guide. We released an updated website, new videos for the app and a special promotion for MOVE customers to get 20% off.

Jayde Pierce

@jaydepierce- 1m followers

@Jayde Pierce - 400k subscribers

We were super excited to launch this innovative project for Jayde, one of the biggest beauty influencers in the business. Jayde’s trailblazing Makeup Masterclass is a new concept for the beauty industry. Our release of Jayde’s Makeup Masterclass included a wide range of different types of work for Jayde, from video shoots to content editing and creating the Makeup Masterclass website with a members area for Jayde’s followers.

Carly Rowena

@carlyrowena- 156k followers

@Carly Rowena - 418k subscribers

We helped Carly re-launch her website, with improved user experience for mobile users. The new website is powered by Aflete with upcoming launches on the way.