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To scale your business to new heights.

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Why Ads?

Ads is the quickest and most effective way to help your business achieve its goals.

Advertising helps you reach new audiences and leverage more value from your existing ones. If you are setting out to achieve any one of these, then ads is for you:

  • Achieve more revenue
  • Higher ROI
  • Gain more followers
  • Reach more people
  • Get more engagement
  • Get higher views on your content

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Our Approach

We are completely unique in our approach. Through our team and our market leverage, we don’t just connect the dots, we make them.

We outline a bespoke strategy for you based on your goals and objectives. Our aim is to help you better understand your marketing and the journey that your consumers go on to discover you and buy from your business.

Our aim is to make your business more successful and ultimately more profitable. With ads we help you to reach more people than ever allowing you to scale your business like never before.

Genflow’s Key Points of Difference

We actually write your ads for you

We shoot and edit all your content

We analyse performance based on business KPIs

Advertise on all major platforms

Proven results over £500,000+ annual ad spend

Opportunities to scale amongst range of departments

Why Genflow?

We offer a service that no one else on the market does. We are not just an advertising team.

You should see us as your full business consultants.

Performance Experts

We are experts in ROI delivering Ads, with an average of 6:1 return across our client base.

Dedicated Support

Fully trained Account Managers are assigned to your account to ensure the highest standard of work.

Understanding Your Business

Our job as a business is to help entrepreneurs launch and help their business thrive. We therefore have a thorough understanding of your business needs.

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Full Service

We set up your tracking pixels, so you can track revenue from day 1.
As part of the service we also include all creative, right down to writing the scripts!


Our development team helps connect your advertising accounts and tracking. Whether it’s a website or an app, our experienced team will ensure you can see all the key data you need to.


A good creative and message is the key to ad success. The creative team at Genflow can shoot, edit and package together your content to ensure it is tailored to your needs.

In addition, we write the scripts! Unlike other agencies where it can be difficult to know what exact content is required, we can give you word for word what to say in your ads.

This means that you are given a clear indication from the start of exactly what you need to do for your ads.

Full Reporting and Optimisation

We report weekly and monthly to you on your reports, so you can understand how your ads are working for you.

We use visual reporting to bring your results to life. We give you detailed reports and summaries across your campaigns, targeting and ad performance.

At the heart of what we do, we use your data to ensure we make changes to consistently improve your results.

Ad Channels and Services


Facebook marketing is the largest opportunity available to advertisers nearly 2bn active users.

Facebook advertising allows you a wide range of options allowing to advertise across it’s suite of products such as Marketplace, Messenger and over 2m partner sites through the Audience Network.


Instagram is the go to platform to target millennials 59% of the internet’s 18-29 year olds use the platform.

They are really active too. Over 500m stories are consumed every single day. This presents advertisers with one of the biggest and greatest opportunities to expand their reach and captivate a cash rich and ready to spend audience.


YouTube is the world’s largest streaming platform with over 1 billion hours of content consumed every single day.

YouTube is a great place for discovery and is the world’s second largest Search Engine. YouTube is an excellent opportunity for you to get your products found.

Tik Tok

With 800m users worldwide, TikTok was the most downloaded app globally in 2019.

A great way to reach younger generations, Tik Tok ad options allow you to spread awareness for your brand.


Did you know more people in the US have Amazon prime than go to Church?

Amazon prime is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to tap into the world’s largest ecommerce site. Find users when they have high purchase intent and are ready to buy.


Snapchat is the fastest way to share moments with your followers or fans. Snapchat advertising allows you to speak to a largely Millennial and Gen Z audience with short form advertising. Great for brand awareness and with excellent CPM's, Snapchat is a great channel to help expand your advertising efforts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the highest ROI activity that marketers can do. We help nurture and grow your audience, giving them reasons to keep coming back for more.

We help write, design and manage your email marketing funnel to help ensure that your messages are tailored to where your audience are at.

With analytics looking at your sales data, we can quickly develop an advanced advertising structure that helps you boost your sales at the right time.

Push Notification Marketing

Do you have an app and need to up your engagement?

Push notification is an excellent way of increasing your engagement and getting more value from your audience.

Push notifications - Drive your audience back to your app! Educate them and give them reasons to act now.

In app notifications - Contact your audience whenever they are on the app. Send them to your store, tell them about updates and point them towards your key features.

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